Camille 2000

Camille 2000

This story from Alexander Dumas is updated to modern times and tinged with graphic nudity and eroticism. Marguerite (Daniele Gaubert) is the tart who sleeps her way up the social ladder to help Armand Duval (Nino Castelnuevo), a commoner who happens to be her boyfriend. The original story has Camille dying from tuberculosis, but in this version she suffers from an unknown ailment. She takes a variety of drugs and becomes a walking zombie (when she can stand up) in this expertly photographed sexploitation feature.

The movie is about Marguerite. She is a very beautiful woman and she falls in love with a young and handsome man named Armand. But he sacrifices her love for his future and his reputation. Can she save her love? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rawballs B (mx) wrote: The only Thai romance movie that delivered me into a world of hoity-toity (kilig)!!! =D

Buggy B (ca) wrote: Charming, cute, feel good, predictable, funny, (sometimes LOL funny) did I mention predictable? Okay how about clich? A nothing sort of movie that has its moments especially if you've ever had to deal with severe cold or the idiosyncrasy of small town living and it's locals. Unfortunately I could relate. The nipple scene did make me laugh but all in all a forgettable rom-com. Sometimes though that's just what you're looking for, plus there's something yummy about Harry Connick Jr even if he looks a little rough here.05.13

David M (es) wrote: I like to consider myself an artist. I find the idea of art very interesting. Struggling to define art, and arguing that something as black and white and objective as "definition, may have no place in something as subjective as art. Untitled asks all of these questions, and pokes fun at these artists and their art, but seems to know enough about them, to not be parodying them, but investigating the questions posed through straight faced, quietly-witty comedy.Our protagonist is a musician, he is terrifically talented at playing classical piano, but he seems to despise his talent. Instead he composes sound art; kicking buckets, clarinet jabs, howling, leather pants squeaking. Make no mistake, he composes it, to meter and rhythm, they perform for audiences of 7. Until one woman loves them. She owns an art gallery, where she shows, ultra-modern art. It's the equivalent of his sound-art, one of the artists makes art out of dead animals. Another artist, the new big find, has a piece called white wall. It's just what you think it is. Push-pin, bears a close resemblance to white wall, its easy to see the evolution the artist has taken. I'm being cheeky, but so is the movie. He doesn't sell pieces of art, he sells the materials and instruciton manuals, that come with a certificate of authenticity.The gallery is supported by selling this commercial art of an artist named Josh, his stuff is the kind of splotchy dot stuff that hangs in hospital lobbies. She won't show him in the gallery. He thinks he's a deep artist, constantly reinventing himself. She doesn't show commercial art, only avant-garde stuff. And our composer hero, he is commissioned to perform at the White Wall gallery showing. He's to compose and perform some sound art. He refuses. He doesn't see how a post-it note on a wall is art. He also doesn't get how people don't understand his noise is art. Seeing the inconsistency here?He argues that everything is art, the way you differentiate between art and noise is art is wanted. Beethovens 5th is noise if you dont want to hear it. A fascinating point of view, and not altogether dismissable. Art collectors collect art, more than they have room to show in their apartment, it's all in a back room, it's the collecting that's important, not the art. To be in on it, to matter. We see the full impotence of the art world, but the characters seem so steadfast in their belief, its almost enough to convince you.The actors are great, especially Vinnie Jones as the eccentric dead animal artist. He should do more stuff like this. More stuff where he makes facial expressions. It suits him. We see artists grapple with the need for financial security, selling out, sacrificing the purity of your art for some much needed money. Defending yourself as a serious artist when your art is considered lightweight. I wonder if Michael Bay and Joel Schumacher can relate? And, even more intriguing, all of the art produced by these wacky artist the movie is skewering (and this is proof its more than parody) is real art produced by real renowned modern artists. In a world of Banksy and Enter Through the Gift Shop, and F for Fake, we find the art world to be intrinsically interesting, full of thought-provoking questions.Is it music to conduct total silence?

Nusret K (ag) wrote: Hong Kong sinemasinin onde gelen aktorlerinin bir araya geldigi kaliteli bir polisiye/gerilim filmi. Icinde gene uzakdogu filmlerinin kendine has iyi tasarlanmis kurgulari kullanilmis. Izlenilebilir.

Roy M (nl) wrote: Omg!! the greatest action movie ever made!! a masterpiece

Derikko V (au) wrote: full colored portait life

Jesus C (mx) wrote: I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it.

Michael K (ag) wrote: heard this was the shieet!!

Lucy F (au) wrote: Genuinely moving score, wonderful locations in Egypt (the cast suffered). Starry cast: Davis, Ustinov, Niven, Farrow. Poirot is warmer and more sympathetic than he is often portrayed (there are clues in the books). Christie moaned about being saddled with a Belgian detective with a set of annoying mannerisms, but I think she put a lot of herself into him. Hon mention to Angela Lansbury as failed romantic novelist Salome Otterbourne (I'd love to read HER books). On a river trip, everyone has a motive for killing the eventual victim and the killer(s) eliminate witnesses. But they'd all have been helpless without a decent script.

jay n (ru) wrote: Charming, colorful musical. Alice sings beautifully and looks like a million. John Payne is appealing even if his character is a cad. Jack Oakie offers good support and June Havoc is a bundle of energy, probably her best role, offering a glimpse of what Baby/Dainty June was really like in Gypsy. All that and the costumes are knockouts!

Aj V (br) wrote: Do we ever figure out why the "bad guys" want to know what the hieroglyphics mean? I can't recall, and I don't think I understood this movie when I saw it. Maybe I need to watch it again, but this movie is really confusing, and boring at times. You'd think that Peck and Loren would bring some life to it, and I think they try, but the movie just isn't that good.

I M (es) wrote: I really don't understand why this movie got such low ratings. I think it's inspired!

Wave C (mx) wrote: the son of no one is another bad cops movie that show us what happens when you're trapped in the past , maybe not good as it should be

Brian B (fr) wrote: This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It's very tense even though the outcome is already known.This movie details the true story of a mountaineering expedition gone horribly wrong. It shows the 2 climbers struggling to make it back down as more and more things go wrong.Even though we already know the ending, the movie is still quite the thrill ride. It keeps us on the edge of our seats the entire time. It is very gripping and the movie draws the viewer into the action immensely.The great acting, facial expressions, sound and music, editing, and set design only makes the tension bigger and it immerses the viewer even more.This is a movie that you have to experience. It's hard to watch at times due to the graphic nature of some of its scenes but it's truly an amazing film which keeps the viewer engaged from beginning to end. It's a must watch for all fans of the genre.

Eric B (ag) wrote: Still better than Pixels, if only in the regard that it has some respect for its target audience.