A religious organization interferes with the life of a terminally ill girl.

A girl faces love and death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael G (ca) wrote: If you sick and tired of those the lame supernatural ripoff horror movies that Hollywood has been releasing for the past few years, then Here Comes The Devil is highly recommended.

Andruw F (kr) wrote: Still a piece of shit, but maybe just slightly better. Mainly because this one was longer, but it felt shorter, but that was also a con.

Maria T (it) wrote: Cuz i love to sing and iI want sing too,

Jason V (us) wrote: I'm having a hard time with Time to Leave. On one hand, it isn't something American filmmakers would ever make. Not because of the subject matter, but because of the way the story goes about unfolding. (A grown man crawls into bed with his naked grandmother, he neglects to tell almost everyone in his life he's dying, etc.) On the other, it misses so many of the connecting moments, the transformation of the main character doesn't amount to a whole lot. Romain is vile to his sister and her children and his live-in boyfriend. He asks his father drop him off to buy cocaine (and then says it helps him get up, yet can't tell his father he's dying). He doesn't disclose his cancer status to a couple he has sex with. Nothing he does is for anyone else in the film except himself. Sure, he's dying and feels like he has no support, yet Romain never gives the people around him any chance to support him. Frustrating and mind-bogglingly shallow, Time to Leave should and could have been so much more.

Jon B (fr) wrote: An absolutely strange film which I expected to be a serious triad drama, but turned out to be a wacky and lamenting triad comedy. Also features Anthony Wong in a fantastic supporting role as Gwan Gung. Lots of bra-less Sandra Ng, which was alright. And lots of naked Tony Leung Ka-fai ass, which I could have done without. I mean, didn't we all see The Lover?

Automated D (ru) wrote: Some might say it's a bit of a dull and trite plot, but I loved the overall feel of the film, and Asia Argento is stunning, as usual. Also felt very personal to me.

Raj D (ag) wrote: Love and Death on the Long IslandPathe chain of movies screen more than 50 films every 2 months of different genre, and I knew that they are going to screen this ?gay classic? in one of their night shows. I read the reviews on IMDb and was keen to have a go at the movie. I had several motivations ? first, it was called a ?classic?, second, I had never been to a night show alone in Amsterdam (so wanted to venture out and feel the city) and third, with curiosity I wanted to know more about the gay people of Amsterdam ? who this people are? How do they behave? Are there any peculiarity / characteristic they possess?The movie is about a widower - who falls in love with a film icon while watching a movie, meets him, builds a contact, discloses his true love for the hero, and gets rejected.Does not it sound familiar? So many times in our lives we have adored and loved our film icon. The premise was good. Sometimes the adulation turns into devotion and obsession. I know about physical and sexual fantasies one has around these film icons ? mostly of hetero-sexual nature. But this film provides a new premise of love and sexual longing within the same sex. That concept is interesting, and the liberal mind of mine was able to empathies and accepts such story-line.But the movie was badly made. The script was weak. It looked like a stage drama. The screenplay was also staged and over expressive. John Hurt seems to be a good actor but in this movie he was in wrong hands ? the director, Richard Kwietniowski, who is famous for making short gay movies (and most of them are very poorly rated). Richard was lucky that he got John Hurt for this role. The direction was poor. The movie looked like a ?B? grade movie. Only saving grace was ? at times ? very good visual shots by cinematographer Oliver Curtis. The dialogues were funny ? but suitable for a stage drama. I heard some laughs during the movie and I could not make out whether it was because the scenes were funny or ridiculous. Just a trivia, that the movie hall was 80% packed ? with mostly middle aged and old men who came in couples or gangs. There were very few lonely riders like me. I guess there were only three women in the show ? because those persons had long hair. I give some grace for the concept and give 2.5 stars out of 10.(Stars 2.5 out of 10)

Carol H (au) wrote: This movie is all right, but something tells me the original is even better.

Alex r (au) wrote: Clownhouse might have been an interesting idea for a Slasher film, and it is. I had heard much praise on this film. When I got around to seeing the film, I was stunned at how bad it was. The film turned out to be one of the dumbest films in the 80's horror, and that says a lot. Clownhouse takes a unique idea for a Slasher film and dumbs it down. For me, I think that Clownhouse was simply an excuse for director Victor Salva to watch young boys prance around in their underwear. That scene was really disturbing and made you feel uncomfortable. Clownhouse is a film that is probably most famous for being the film where director Victor Salva molested lead actor Nathan Forrest Winters. Aside from that, the whole voyeuristic, creepy vibe that Salva put into this film really throws you off and makes uninterested, along with a bland script that can't seem to use any effective ideas despite an interesting idea for its plot. The film is disturbing, but not in a terror inducing way. The film is disturbing for two scenes, one where you see a child's bare ass and another scene where you see three brothers dancing around in their underwear. The film started off good, but after these two scenes, I didn't feel comfortable, and I hated the film because of it. Aside from that, the acting was terrible, the characters were bad, and the film dragged on too long. In the end, Clownhouse is just an excuse for one man to get his sickest fantasies realized. Clownhouse is a poorly constructed horror film that doesn't deliver genuine scares. What started off as a promising film, ended up being an awful film that should be avoided by any serious horror fan.

doctor p (gb) wrote: B-movie. Liked this one. Movie about a crazy psycho-path that likes to perform vaginal mutilation on prostitutes.

Randy R (gb) wrote: A great western! Gary Cooper was Melody Jones he was mistaken somebody else and outlaw. Melody Jones just a cowpoke who barely knows the difference between a sixshooter and carbine rifle. Another guy was a outlaw named Monte Jones ruthless outlaw who been terrorizing frontier with daring robberies lightning fast draw.. Melody was mistaken by him Monte Jones. Great story, Plot to. Well first time I watched Gary Cooper movie this one. I like it. The other actors and actress like Loretta Young she good. And acting was great what I think of about it.

Art S (de) wrote: Starts good and Garfield is great but those Dead End Kids are insufferable.

David L (de) wrote: Magnolia does have its inconsistencies with some dated aspects to it and a couple of boring or underused characters plus it is poorly edited, but it is still so incredibly well acted with Tom Cruise being surprisingly good and delivering his finest performance to date, it is very emotional at times, the stories are mostly interesting, some characters are so relatable and endearing and the film is mostly very engaging, dramatic and emotionally rewarding.

David L (mx) wrote: Beautiful movie... leads you to understand what you really have to live for.