Camino de la venganza

Camino de la venganza


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Rob C (br) wrote: This movie is beyond terrible. It is a cheap attempt to combine 'Paranormal Activity', "Blair Witch Project' and 'The Exorcist'. It is supposed to take place in Adams, TN in January 2011. It starts with a pool party and there are palm trees in the background. There is on reference to the Bell witch. The story makes no sense and the acting, well it should not be called acting.

Matthew D (jp) wrote: This Movie makes me want to say never 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+ in a row because JB has no talent.

Tomer H (nl) wrote: Boy A is just an outstanding piece of work.

Gautham R (jp) wrote: I'm not a huge horror movie goer. Which is what made this movie so awesome to watch. Cause it's not just tropey horror that I hear so often. It's just a beautifully shot movie(from cinematography, to framing, even to the use of color). And a really complex look into a fragmented and deeply traumatized family. Good acting, good direction, good story. Simple as that

Cody B (it) wrote: Lmao, gunkata. This movie was so forced and *serious*. Man, back when The Matrix was cool and leather and latex were the style du jour for oppressive regimes. There were some elements here that were quite well written and showed that at least some of the people who worked on this had the ability to make a film with substance. My favorite scene is when they call in the surrender of the resistance, very well done, I thought, although it's so short you're liable to miss it, and I think it's hard to grasp the gravity of their decisions. P.S. I watched this movie again because of that image where Christian Bale and Hillary Clinton are side-by-side and she looks like she's wearing the same suit.

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Sensual and atmospheric period piece. Hauntingly beautiful Cello music. Gerard's son is spot on as the young Gerard.

J M (mx) wrote: If you've got the time and the mood, watch it and be amazed. Not for show. The end kills.

Judge L (jp) wrote: Good movie..little sappy at times. All the good action is towards the end of the movie. I was waiting for Ford to deliver his "I hate Nazi's!" line..haha.Worth a watch.

Hctor R (es) wrote: Rebel without a cause is an iconic film of teenage defiance that you could enjoy in the 1950's and you can enjoy today. It's a classic that never will die and James Dean offers us the best "misunderstood bad boy" we can see in the cinema. Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood add their excellent performances perfectly directed by Nicholas Ray.

Anthony S (jp) wrote: Cortney Palm does an amazing job in this soon to be classic. Campy fun. Perfect for the summer...!!