Camp Blood

Camp Blood

Ten years ago a series of brutal murders rocked peaceful, isolated Camp Blackwood. The killer was never caught and the camp, renamed "Camp Blood" by the locals, was never reopened.Ignorant of the camp's terrible history, two young couples visit Camp Blood. And they soon realise they are not alone. Someone is watching. Someone is waiting. The murders are far from over... they have only just begun.What began as a pleasant hiking trip turns into a savage struggle for survival. Will anyone make it out of Camp Blood alive?

Out and about on a camping trip in the woods without a care in the world, four campers found themselves in an unknown world. With the death of their guide and at the mercy of a cold blooded... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (gb) wrote: Some punk rockers fall and love and roam the streets doing... not much..Not overly excited about this one. Strong cast, but shitty move.

Veronique K (ru) wrote: i was attracted to the movie's poster-art, and i've been in a mood to watch those artsy movies during the summer. fast-moving movies with grand special effects bore me in my present stage. i don't feel like to be distracted anymore when i'm not in school. thus i went to watch gigola, which is blatantly an ideological apparatus of queer liberation through transvestism, which has been a cliched topic since marlene dietrich who brought out the androgynously sensual image of woman in tuxedo in 1930s with her legendary morocco. lou doillon (michael pitt's girlfriend, refuted as the "handsomest" woman model in europe) plays the title role, gigola, who was an emancipated rich girl in 1960s. anyway, gigola vows to become a lesbian gigolo who makes her earning in nightclubs, which philander rich women with good-looking dykes. gigola's lover just committed suicide, and she alleviates her trauma through the bosoms of other women night after night, indulging in binges and sex. until later she feels weary of such debauched lifestyle, she decides to sleep with a really good-looking gangster just to impregnate herself. she wants to know how's like to be a mother bearing a child. this movie just features one soft-core lesbian love-scene after another in a very "essentialist" way. "essentialist" means that they stick to the principles based on gendered performativity, which means that the penetrator and the penetrated. somehow the penetrator only seeks to gratify the penetrated while herself isn't touched at all, and she remains clothed during the act. (i try to be subtle here.) but i must say, they look oddly sexy. lou doillon just looks like young david bowie + jane birkin with fuller, sexier, more kissable lips. all the other actresses featured in the sex scenes are more voluptuous by shape than doillon, but she is still the sexiest one. (kinda odd) honestly, i find the movie's message kinda childish. okay, you wanna escape the confinement of womanhood, then you change your clothes and hair to practice your sense of chivalry as well as dominion over other women as if you were king, and sexually invincible. then you get yourself knocked out just to know the taste of it but you give away your child to your mama just to be free again. it may sound biased but sometimes i just feel lots of european art movies tend to project a naive vision of utopia in disregard of social reality (particularly french). kind of self-indulgently un-realistic. this movie is based on some french female writer's autobiography in 1960s, imagine all those things it tries to express as revolutionary just seem so dated right now. so what makes this movie fun, fashion and lou doillon's peculiar kind of sex appeal. i never could imagine woman could appear so "dashing" in tailored suit, with tomboyish bob-head, plain-chested. but i gotta admit, she has a beautiful face, adorable eyes and a very kissable mouth. if this picture doesn't have her as the lead, it would be a complete bore! in a nutshell, gigola is not about real lesbians but beautified fantasy based on certain lesbian stereotypes.

Griffin W (es) wrote: Has its great moments but ultimately leaves me unsatisfied. The movie only seems to be great when it actually focuses on its titular RockNRolla-ish characters. In typical Guy Ritchie fashion there are a lot of characters, almost rendering everyone as supporting roles and no one taking the position of lead. It just doesn't work in this film because it tries to emphasize certain characters as the main story while all these other characters show up every now and then and just distract from the story. This renders certain scenes between people that they don't emphasize as much boring and not feeling like they're leading to anything. Although with all of that said, I will say that when it does focus on the stuff that is deserving of a title so cool as RockNRolla, it's a blast to watch. The comedy is spot on in certain spots and it makes all the other miscelaneous stuff so disappointing. Overall, RockNRolla is "Sorta, Kinda, Meh...."

Eliabeth H (jp) wrote: this is a funny movie

Maxwel L (ag) wrote: Uma atuao memorvel de Jeff Goldblum.

Bret L (fr) wrote: A wonderfully gripping Aboriginal tale. This film is an Australian masterpiece. These actors are Australia's best but least known showing that being a star means nothing. Worldwide nobody tells a story like the Aboriginals. This is a must-see, you won't regret it

Scott C (nl) wrote: Forgettable as all heck.

Michael B (mx) wrote: Blew me away when I was younger: I couldn't believe how photorealistic everything looked. Doesn't hold up nearly as well today, story or visuals.

Tim C (gb) wrote: Could be interesting . . .

Jason A (ru) wrote: If they've got to eat a country, France is a fine place to start.

Diego N (gb) wrote: Un thriller muy bien montado, cuyo principal atractivo son las portentosas actuaciones de sus protagonistas, que hacen creble a la cinta en todo momento. Una gozada para quienes disfrutan de un buen momento de tensin.

Anthony I (de) wrote: A full blown triumph. A blow to segregation and hatred for all time. Hackman and Defoe nail it in this extraordinarily beautiful film about a terrible time in U.S history.

Kerm D (ca) wrote: suprised none ones reviewed this yet. too the greatest holocaust movie ever done.

Timm S (kr) wrote: Classic 80's Crass Comedy..They Were Only Ever Made Like This At The Height Of It All. Completely Stuck In A Timewarp.

Michael R (jp) wrote: Norman Jewison's 1967 crime classic IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT deserves a better follow-up than this mediocre whodunit, which resembles a poor TV movie. Does score a few points, however, for its hilarious domestic scenes of Tibbs' hopeless attempts to discipline his unruly son, using cigars and scotch! Another sequel, THE ORGANIZATON, followed two years later.

Jim S (us) wrote: Starts slowly for the first twenty minutes but the remainder of the film is simply superb. The entire cast is top notch. Hedy Lamarr, and Sigrid Gurie are both extremely good playing too somewhat seemingly similar yet entirely different characters.

John K (gb) wrote: Good cast and the best special effects in any movie that ever existed. That's pretty much it.

David G (us) wrote: A typically generic and tedious Steven Seagal straight-to-DVD special. Outside of the boring, join-the-dots plot the main problem with the movie is the man himself: Seagal is simply too hard to take seriously with his obvious weight issues and sleep-inducing demeanour and it's so painfully obvious when a stunt double appears to perform the more, shall we say "athletic" moves. Then there's the sight of a sexy young Thai woman pawing all over him (including a ridiculous, though mercifully short and non-explicit love scene), which is just wrong in so many ways. Does the film have anything going for it? Well the acting from the supporting cast is OK and some of the action and fight choreography is pretty good (the kung fu sword guys were cool) but aside for that, it's garbage. Poor Byron Mann, he deserves better.

Leah T (es) wrote: Cute story with a tiny robot.