Camp de Thiaroye

Camp de Thiaroye

A historical drama based on the Thiaroye transit camp massacre, Camp de Thiaroye dismantles the myth of colonial assimilation to expose ingrained social and cultural mechanisms of racism, exploitation, and privilege. In 1944, the French army massacred several units of West African conscripts recently returned from the battlefields of Europe. What was essentially a demand by African veterans that they be paid the same wages as their French counterparts led to an attack on soldiers who had only recently been fighting the Nazis in Italy and Germany.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:French,Wolof
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:racism,   soldier,   france,  

In this semi-autobiographical film, black soldiers help to defend France, but are detained in prison camp before being repatriated home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip M (br) wrote: Some people downplay the movie as a platitude amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Well, reality is reality, and a movie---though sometimes fantasy---portrays the virtue of peaceful possibilities. This movie achieves that end in a fairly simple, but powerful manner.

Grant H (br) wrote: Pretty bad movie. The plot is certainly an improvement over the original, broadening the characters a little bit, but the style and scare setups are all too familiar, and the performances are just so-so.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Artistically made and viscerally engaging film about responses to violence. The contrasts and similarities between scenes set in Denmark and those in Africa and the choices and responses of the different people to violence and intimidation are both thought provoking and thoroughly believable for the characters. Outstanding!

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Ryan M (us) wrote: I can guaran-damn-tee that you will either love or hate this. Hou Hsiao Hsien's homage to Ozu manages to pay respect to the Japanese master without feeling like a ripoff, while putting his own style into the equation. The film itself is practically plotless: A girl called Yoko finds out she is pregnant and does not want to marry her boyfriend. Almost any other director would have revolved the entire plot about the girl's anguish over not marrying and whether she should keep the baby. Instead, Hou shows just how modern this new world is, where such an incident that was considered taboo is practically commonplace. Yoko hangs out with Hajime, who runs a second-hand bookstore and likes to record the sounds of trains. The film can have multiple meanings, but what I think Hou was trying to show was how modern day Japan is moving so fast that attitudes and traditions of old are simply being ignored or forgotten (Yoko barely talks to her parents, especially her father). To watch this film, you need to have an open mind, and immerse yourself in the gorgeous photography and lovely soundtrack to fully experience this film. Some may love the intricacies and poetry of it, others may be bored to tears and hate it. I belong to the former.

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Kenny N (ag) wrote: I am a redblooded American born and raised in Illinois who can't stand sports...and this film from Canada left with me with an admiration for curling. This is an uneven work, zigzagging from poignant drama to crude dude comedy at the throw of a stone, and ultimately, it's no different than any other underdog sports team movie, but it has special moments in it that make it all worthwhile.

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Brad G (us) wrote: This sorta does the whole NYPD Blue thing twenty years before that show ever aired. The case is secondary to the melodrama of the the cops' lives. I'd really like to catch the TV show this turned into.