Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in. ...

Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Declan L (jp) wrote: If you like movies that are disjointed and going nowhere, you'll love this one! The plot is completely under developed. Characters are unlikable at best. The script is dull.

Martin G (br) wrote: Le film s'attarde peu sur la trame principale ce qui fais que finalement on ne comprend plus trops l'histoire.

Davis P (ca) wrote: Very fun and entertaining film. Good acting also plays a role In it

Denise A (us) wrote: looks very interesting!!!

Miles H (us) wrote: Six inches forward, five inches back!

JT T (br) wrote: Raw but effective reworking of Dog Day Afternoon. its a eye-opening examination of contemporary youth violence and American gun culture.Pups looks ragged and slammed-together, but that's part of its appeal; the film has a wildness that more care would have killed.

bob t (ru) wrote: Classic action. You can't go wrong when Swayze, Travis and Meat Loaf get together! This movie defines a genre.m,;l\]l.;[

Angela G (it) wrote: I still can't stop shaking my head while saying, "this was the worst movie ever" and, "what the hell was this shit?" Where to begin? The story made absolutely no sense and all I keep seeing in my head are the images of half-people (aka 'The Van Daam's) wobbling around on the ground with their asses exposed and their gigantic mutated heads bobbling. A Stephen King style backdrop in Maine was even more unsettling with it's trademark group of kids included. One of the kids was even a ginger but, luckily one of the wobble gobbles got it. Seriously, let me try and break this one down ... a guy who wears makeup and whom is suffering from a life-threatening mysterious disease, heads back to the town he was born in to find the answers to his enigmatic past. Rutger Hauer rears his ugly head as an aged and shamed doctor. Somehow in this mess you find out that makeup guy's family really didn't die in some supposed fire but now live in a labyrinth of mines that are beneath the entire small town in Maine. The 'wobble gobbles' I've named them, cubby through these mines and eat the corpses living in the cemetery. When the cemetery was uprooted and transferred to another lot, the gobbles got hungry and started to feed on the townsfolk. The film closes with makeup dude going back to live with his people the wobble gobbles and the hermaphrodite Queen that bore them all... what?! This was the worst movie ever... What the hell was this shit??

Michael H (mx) wrote: Extremely weird and very silly with some top notch special effects, and played so po-faced the mind boggles (unintentional laughs abound!), but if you're looking for naked 80's space vampires then this is the flick for you!

Andy O (de) wrote: Awesome, heartbreaking tale of Slum kids destined for life of crime, prison and death.

kat r (ru) wrote: Good movie, I liked it.

Christopher H (gb) wrote: What would otherwise be a mindless, sports comedy, the likes of "Grind" or "Out Cold", aimed mostly at the female sex, "Chalet Girl" is wholly saved by the always impressive Felicity Jones, who makes it utterly impossible to not be drawn into her natural radiance and adorable, mousy demeanor. With Bill Nighy, Brooke Shields, Sophia Bush and Ed Westwick rounding out the cast, the film is plucked from its straight-to-dvd nature and given some much needed credibility. Although the scenes involving Jones and her fear of doing jumps is completely overdone and the ending needlessly predictable, giving any reason to have Felicity Jones in the starring role of any film is means enough for me to see it and enjoy it.

Christopher H (ca) wrote: Fight Club is one of the most loved movies of all time, and for good reasons. Dazzling performanced by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and pretty much everyone. What made it more impressive was the top notch direction. But the most notable of all, the story was very gripping, and as the cherry on top the spectacular ending shot which looked amazing.

Cattera Y (es) wrote: Horrible BossesGreat mixture of nasty comedy, grand cast, and clever twist

Jessica H (nl) wrote: A true western with a samuri playing the role of a cowboy from the past.

Sergio O (kr) wrote: The narration is unnecessary.

Addison P (br) wrote: It was alright, ended to happily for a Pandemic themed movie. It would have ended out far worse than they made it seem.

Tido O (fr) wrote: Pierce Brosnan puts on an Irish accent and kidnaps the Scottish Spartan's daughter. He then dresses up the Spartans wife in sexy lingerie, slaps her about a bit and drinks whiskey.So Brosnan puts on a terrible Irish accent for no reason, even though technically he is Irish as pointed out to me by a guy on Twitter. Gerard Butler is scottish and puts on an American accent, for no reason either. Both accents are shitty and took me right out of the movie, before I had time to crack open my first beer. American accents aren't that to do, yet it does seem tricky to do well. Statham movies are horrible partly because his accent is crazy. And why was he doing an Amercian accent in that film Blitz that was set in the UK? Why are people fucking around with accents? Sean Connery never bothered, and if it's good enough for that Bond, it should be good enough for you Piercey-baby.One scene in the movie set off my bullshit siren. Gerard Butler decides to duke it out with Piercey baby after awhile, swinging a hook flush on his chin. A good clean punch from that Spartan would probably break most peoples jaw, but Piercey takes it like Bane fighting Batman and doesn't even flinch. Even Bond went to ground when he got hit. @thepeterbrooker