Campbell's Kingdom

Campbell's Kingdom

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Hammond Innes. Bruce Campbell (Dirk Bogarde) inherits "Campbell's Kingdom" in the Canadian Rockies on the death of his grandfather. He has been diagnosed with an unspecified terminal illness and decides to see if he can find the oil that his grandfather believed was present on his land, and to clear his family name; his grandfather had wrongly been found guilty of fraud when his oil exploration company went broke. Owen Morgan (Stanley Baker) is the boss of a company that is constructing a dam that when complete will flood the "Kingdom". It's a race against time to prove that the oil is there before the dam is completed.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Hammond Innes. Bruce Campbell (Dirk Bogarde) inherits "Campbell's Kingdom" in the Canadian Rockies on the death of his grandfather... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vivian Z (br) wrote: pay homage to memories

Jonathan D (ca) wrote: This is an endearing look at the culture of wine, and most of all, personal drive. The movie follows four regular guys in their 20's who are voraciously pursuing recognition as a "Master Sommilier" which requires intense study - both of wine knowledge, and the ability to perform blind tastings. By the end, when each man is being told whether he passed, my heart was pounding along with theirs.

Geoff B (it) wrote: Not Bad, seen a lot worse. In poor taste, but reasonable acting and effects.. worth a watch as only 90mins long...

Clifton D (au) wrote: The film seriously struggles with poor exposition for much of the first half, the build-up for the early action is poor at best, and the villain is hard to accept in the film later on. (Seriously.) There are some very heartfelt moments though, and the animation is lovely. But it doesn't hold a candle to the first film.

Tanvir M (ca) wrote: An inspiring an uplifting look at a neglected piece of history, the movement to ensure women's equal pay! Never preaching, rather full of heart and a humanist look at the spark that lit the fire that spread world wide to mark a water shed moment in the long journey of women's struggle for dignity and enforcing their right in the workplace.

Wes S (ag) wrote: This two-hour documentary goes over just about every media Superman was in up to 2006, making this a pretty informative piece. While it does mostly focus on the highlights (much of the comic book history is left out, and not every cartoon gets focused), it's not bad for 60 years of history.

Joseph S (mx) wrote: Not as good as "Pedicab Driver", but the martial arts are just are good, and the action more brutal than anything Ive seen from Hung so far. He stars here, along with a dirty dozen of Chinese soldiers(mostly immigrants) hired by the US goverment to infiltrate Vietnam and destroy a secret missile base. Well initially they are only sent in to create a distraction, but as turns for the worst so quickly move in these films the motely crew become the last hope/line of defesne etc. Hung always works in genre but he never merely parodies, he tries to find the best in each of the genre's he works in, sometimes exploding or imploding them but always bieng playful like Hong Kong martial arts Robert Altman. Fun.

David B (ca) wrote: Tim Roth plays Trevor, a likeable, but unruly 16 year-old skinhead, who rebels against the system. He finally gets his come uppance at the end of the film, when he is truncheoned by a police officer, PC Anson, played by Christopher Fulford, whilst locked up in the police cells for driving a stolen van from the rehabilitation centre into a parked police car outside the police station. Memorable parts to the film include: Trevor, hurling a chunk of concrete through the job centre window, a brick through a "Pakistanis" window; kicking the chef at the centre in the "bollocks" for not being allowed his dinner, and "Trevor's Options," - where the superintendant of the rehabilitation centre, where Trevor is staying, goes through with him, the spiral of no job-no money-thieving-prison. A very powerful and well acted film which leaves you frustratingly wanting more. The film ends with Trevor grinning after being heavily truncheoned on the leg by PC Anson.

Hugo F (de) wrote: Haven't seen since I was 7 or so. But I know I owe some of my insanity to films like this. I think her grandfather lived in a makeshift boat shack. Happiness.

Evan H (br) wrote: It's a masterpiece in it's own way. It's very in-your-face and hard to watch at times due to the nature of this movie and the amazing acting performances that are realistic. The direction of Samuel Fuller brings this masterpiece together! It's totally a must-see!

Ryan L (ag) wrote: This is a great movie, the effects and humor holdup and the chemistry between the leads is one of comedic gold.

Spencer H (us) wrote: One of my favorite romantic comedies.

Hillary D (au) wrote: A co-dependent couple that drinks together stays together... or maybe not. This movie illustrates how substance indulgence can potentially tear someone's life apart. Recovery amongst those who aren't on the same track often leads to relapse. Believable story that holds the viewer's attention.

TheOFamily5 (fr) wrote: My favourite movie of all time. Barely beating A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and Return of the Jedi

Michal D (it) wrote: What if we could not (did not) inhibit ourselves and gave in to our base urges. The actors (sans Brosnan, who sadly has little screen time) are bad. But the idea, visuals and exploration of human psyche is appealing. Since the structure of movie is non standard, I wasn't sure where to movie is going and it kept me interested.