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Hctor C (nl) wrote: It's Disney, always good. Worth watching with kids or a date :P

Joe M (it) wrote: I can't do it...I can't even go over the plot to this horrifying excuse for a movie without fear of my teeth trying to leave my mouth and eat my brain. It's torture porn at its worst and that's saying something with terrible movies like Hostel carrying that badge. It's so redundant and non-sensical that it ignores real life to exist in its own little world of killing and porn. Why do we never see one police officer in this movie investigating these killings? Is he killing in the one state that just happens to not have a police force? Good thing, since the idiot decided to wear no extra clothing whatsoever to hide his DNA and fingerprints from being found in EVERY CRIME SCENE HE CREATED! He even left one corpse lying in the middle of a public restroom and later that night, the person was declared MISSING! No one went into a public restroom for 12 hours?! Don't watch it, don't look at it, just pretend it's not there and maybe this garbage will one day go away.

monica f (nl) wrote: I think with this movie I was expecting more the heist angle than the romantic one. All the drama between the gay gangsters made me feel like I was watching a soup opera instead of a gangsters' film. I was not convinced either of the advantages of the voice-over in this film, which made me wonder if the effect wanted was the one produced in The Usual Suspects by Kevin Spacey's narration. If this was the intention, I have to say it completely lacked the same effect, and I found it instead distracting and annoying. I did like the atmosphere created by the dark scenes.

Christian V (us) wrote: I may be biased but i think this is one of John Lithgow's best performances.

Spencer P (kr) wrote: Hands down one of the best Christmas movies ever. Solid storytelling, great performance from everyone, especially Alan Rickman, considering this was his first movie. One of my favorites.

Allison J (es) wrote: The best horse racing movie ever made to date.

James B (fr) wrote: in the long tradition of B flicks, this movie is for sure a C flick. i could point out every single obvious problem with the film, but i do not have the time, nor the patience after watching this movie. i wish i could get that 1.5hrs back, but it is lost forever. on a side note, this is by far the worst director\camera man i have ever seen. side shot, front shot, side shot, front shot, side shot, front shot, side shot, front shot, just over and over and over, i almost got nauseous from it. if you thought that wasn't enough, one of the scenes was so low budget, they used frozen broccoli as "snow covered trees".

Jay S (gb) wrote: Fun fare. It's a breezy and enjoyable crime romp.