Loving Istanbul couple Ayşe and Cemal need only a child to complete their life together, but they cannot conceive. To salvage Cemal’s pride, they resort to illegal means to procure a baby. This wild grab at a more perfect life proves their undoing, leading the couple to spiral toward separate futures. The couple's estrangement is intertwined with the film’s parallel narrative, in which a distant and neglectful single mom is raising her little boy, Can.

A young married couple live happily in Istanbul, but their decision to illegally procure a child threatens their future together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ola S (ru) wrote: It seems so extremely long ago since there was a revolutionary US movement to the left. The member maybe most known over the world was Angela Davis, communist, for a short while philosophy teacher at UCLA and charged for murder, kidnapping and conspiracy.This documentary is like a thriller. Davis returns from philosophy studies in Germany, is fired from UCLA by its board there Governor Ronald Reagan is a member, dedicates herself to prisoners' rights, falls in love with one of them. Than comes the disaster. That prisoner is involved in a court drama, there a judge is murdered and jury members injured and some of the guns are owned by Davis.The reasons for her buying guns are the threats she has received and she showed her ID when buying them. That's the main point for the defence. Davis, the university philosophy teacher is by definition not stupid. She wouldn't get the guns that way if she was part of a terrorist conspiration.Well-made movie about what can absolutely not be called present history. Although it was only 40 years ago.

Christina G (de) wrote: Sexy Martin Papazian plays a vet dealing with putting his life back together. He makes a connection with Wade, a kid who's just as screwed up as he is. Tristan Leabu and Papazian are compelling. Watch, watch, watch!

Gian T (au) wrote: I really enjoy this movie. Good chemistry between the caracters

Jairo A (mx) wrote: The raunchiness was there but without the "real" Stifler, it becomes a little bit above average. The movie wasn't bad but it needed better characters.

Eduardo R (ru) wrote: Looking for a fun teen movie to watch on Netflix? See Charlie Bartlett.

Donnie B (br) wrote: For all its technical subtlety, this is a film with zero human subtlety. Everything is shoved - ever so gently - in your face to make sure that you no chance to have (God forbid) your own ideas and interpretation. You will feel the love and the heartbreak, but it feels planned and calculated to within an inch of insulting.

Logan M (au) wrote: In addition to a monotonous script, there's not a single likable or fully developed character in the whole movie.

Harsh C (it) wrote: Well acted psychological drama fused with tediously long whodunnit

Brendan P (ag) wrote: A former hot n heavy couple Ben and Lulu (Swayze and Griffith) reunite sixteen years later to find their long lost son (3rd Rock's Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who was given up for adoption. Ben is a married TV writer and Lulu is a mental patient and after a while you don't really care about either one of them. They are followed by Ben's not very happy wife played by Penelope Ann Miller who the only one you really sympathize with. Small appearences by Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Richard Schiff (TV's West Wing) help give a strong presence to what would normally be lesser characters. Dispite a good cast and overall interesting characters this ride runs out of gas quickly. An obvious effort for a hart warming falls sort.

Cybele R (it) wrote: A surprising sequel of Otto Preminger's "Laura". Insane and beautifull...

Joshua H (gb) wrote: It is a powerfully told story, with the eccentric elements that painfully board on humour, and the man who just wanted to see heaven. An incredible low-budget achievement.

Alex P (nl) wrote: Fun little piece of gory trash

Ted M (gb) wrote: Richard Gere is a girlie-man, but I actually thought this movie was great

Martin T (jp) wrote: A chilling and nuanced tale that shows how easily the innocent (or weak-minded) can become complicit in evil. Malle explores a lot of grey area here, and does it intelligently. Scenes of brutality and vulgar displays of power are often balanced with gentle moments of hopefulness for humanity. Cinematically, the film doesn't break any new ground, but it is a nice piece of work. It's a thoughtful, slightly Bressonian film.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Thursday, November 04, 2010 (1956) Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers SCIENCE- FICTION Anyone familiar with Ray Harryhausen's contribution to special effects should be able to enjoy this take on the aliens invasion genre! What this film has that most alien invasion films does not is that it cuts to the chase! No plot device but at the beginning the aliens don't attack right away but are monitoring their new found planet with no intentions to attaqk as of yet! The two leading stars of a husband and wife (unknown actors) team work on the same building with their job was to send satellites up in space only to find out later that they would be destroyed, how and why can these satellites be destroyed unless something is also up there destroying them! Out of all the 'alien invasion' films, this one is the most subtle one of all, because it asks questions that although the aliens are more superior in terms of their weapons that a little ingenuity might be the answer to bring them down. This idea was later used on Tim Burton's "Mars Attack"! 3 out of 4 stars

Paul J (it) wrote: Renior pays tribute to live art yet again. Passionate, funny and true to life. The characters come to life with effortless charm. Renior is an undisputed master.