Can Go Through Skin

Can Go Through Skin

A brutal assault changes Marieke's life. She leaves her familiar city rhythms for the solitude of a isolated house in the countryside. Her irrational fears on the frozen farm are a constant struggle. As spring's orchestra begins, her curiosity for new things that cover the cold rot of winter pull her out of the suffocating interior of her mind. Slowly she accepts the help of John, her neighbour.

The silent aftermath of a young woman's disaster is broken by her discovery of nature's old rhythms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier F (au) wrote: This was a wtf to me

Zahran Z (de) wrote: Supper action pack...just like an Indiana Jones movie

Jonathan C (fr) wrote: it was absolutely rubbish, and nothing like the book, although it is similar. The book is boring and rubbish and not even worth half a star, but it's better than the film, the film deserves 0 stars!

Alec B (gb) wrote: A strong argument in favor of the standard biopic, showing that with the right cast, strong dialogue, and a worthy subject you can make the genre engaging. This has to be Liam Neeson's best performance.

Matthew J (ag) wrote: Strange and amateurish. It can't seem to decide if it wants to be an experimental, Warhol-esque biopic or a straightforward anti-drug vehicle.

Justin P (jp) wrote: I thought it was actually pretty good.

Kirby P (au) wrote: Very good. Excellent date movie. It would help to be familiar with "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" from "The Chronicles of Narnia" series by C.S. Lewis before seeing this film. Fortunately, it's been made into a movie in the meantime, so you don't have to do any actual reading. Of course, whether it's worth seeing that film in order to fully understand this film is up to you. It'd make an interesting double feature. I should also note that while C.S. Lewis' work is Christian-themed, this movie based on actual events is not; in fact, it takes a few well-deserved shots at the vapidity of his writing.

BellaRay (de) wrote: May check this out sometime.

Susan B (it) wrote: One of the few movies that I had to own. Either because of the Paris scenes or Thierry's blue eyes....

James H (ca) wrote: Solid drama, very professionally done. The entire cast is fine, particularly Paul Newman and Robert Vaughn, who is excellent in a supporting role. He did receive an Oscar nomination. Good art direction, excellent score.

Nick M (br) wrote: What the hell do I say? Greatest Motion Picture ever made, If you haven't seen it, stop reading this damn review and sit down and watch one hour and fifty eight minutes of pure genius.

Maddie M (ag) wrote: pretty cheesy yet humorous and quite entertaining. very unique, too!