Can't Help Singing

Can't Help Singing

With the California Gold Rush beginning, Senator Frost's singing daughter Caroline loves a young army officer; the Senator can't stand him, and has him sent to California. Headstrong Caroline follows him by train, riverboat, and covered wagon, gaining companions en route: a vagrant Russian prince and gambler Johnny Lawlor, who just might take her mind off the army.

A senator's daughter (who can't help singing) follows her boyfriend West in the days of the California gold rush. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ralph R (br) wrote: Forget the bland title--Star Cinema finally got it right!

Callan Y (es) wrote: bit short I thought, would like to see more films of this ilk to give Atheists more of a voice and combat against the corrupt side of organized religion.

Jonathan P (au) wrote: A surprisingly entertaining flick with Sean Bean in the lead.

Mikaela C (au) wrote: I love his smile... he is so cute =)

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