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Justin S (kr) wrote: Not much action, but seems realistic. Halftime show stupid, seems realistic

Madeleine M (fr) wrote: no objections to this loyal and insane adaptation of one of my favourite games.

John T (us) wrote: This is an animated ripoff, er.. I mean "parody" of Evil Dead. All the characters are annoying, though.I didn't look it up but I think these are the same people who made "City or Rott"". It looks the same at least. The dialog is pretty shitty and annoying. I think the girl's voice is actually a guy who they put through some shitty voice box crap to make it sound like a chipmonk. Really really bad. It might have been better off having a guy do his real voice, but whatever.The animation looks good, although, it's very static. Any kind of movement looks like ass. When they move it looks ridged and jerky. Very very very bad.Yes, there's gore, but it's animated, so I don't have any kind of love for it. The demons looked good at times, but not enough to save this movie. As bad as "City of Rott" was I think I liked that one better.

Rosalind R (es) wrote: lame. no good. could have been, but nope.

Kays V (fr) wrote: Surprisingly an excellent movie. Ricky Ullman really surprised me with his performance. I was only familiar with him through a disney show but his acting in this film is terrific. It's a great film that i'd easily watch again.

Craig C (jp) wrote: A glorious wacky mess

Dimitar D (au) wrote: Loved the VW placing ...

Arseniy V (kr) wrote: Like its main character, the film is at times over: rushed, sloppy and sappy. And maybe it didn't even reach its main goal. But also like Woods' character, its plenty good-hearted and successful ENOUGH.

Ashley A (mx) wrote: Really love these two together. love this movie it is one of my favourites.

Joetaeb D (kr) wrote: With creative control unusually out of his hand, Kevin Smith is stranded while directing Cop out, which is more interested in playing dumb clichs and gags than respecting him or the fine chemistry between Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

Leonard D (ru) wrote: Very creepy little monsters in this holiday classic! Gizmo is still the man!

Seth B (ag) wrote: An ok performance by Christian Bale in a poorly written and weak movie. Mostly this movie is a waste of time. Very depressing though. Being a Bale fan I had high hopes for it and it let me down.

Sweety H (au) wrote: yawn....would rather have my wisdom teeth extracted.

Jamie J (nl) wrote: The first big screen outing for the Trek doesn't quite ditch the campiness of the original series, although it does start to show the series' transition to more mature, darker themes. Sadly though it doesn't all quite come together, you have an enjoyable and often daft Sci fi romp, but with a patchy storyline and quite possibly the most bizarre 'villain' commited to celluloid. However that didn't dampen my enjoyment one bit. Perhaps a bit too slow paced for some, and lacks Kirk fist fighting a Goron but you can't win them all.

Marcus W (fr) wrote: I won't tolerate cruelty to animals, so I didn't get past the first 10 minutes. If I missed the greatest film ever made I do not care.