Candinho is a hillbilly who leaves the country, taking his donkey along, and goes to São Paulo, trying to find his mother.

Candinho is a hillbilly who leaves the country, taking his donkey along, and goes to São Paulo, trying to find his mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edgar S (us) wrote: great movie must see

Ian W (de) wrote: Typically not my kind of humour. There are funny parts though but I prefer Kevin Hart in a movie, rather than his stand-up, which lulls at times.

Cylus O (nl) wrote: Powerful and evocative; a stark reminder of what many take for granted- liberty. The two lead characters delivered excellent performances, quite authentic, but Jacob and his portrayal of Nimr was nothing less than superb, he was the heart of the film.

Melissa P (jp) wrote: It was a funny movie to me and I thought the actors where great.

LaRaine C (it) wrote: If you like west coast swing dancing - this is a good flick to watch. Now while the acting was so so - I do have to admit my enjoyment is derived from knowing quite a few of the dancers that was included in the movie.

Ethan L (jp) wrote: Unique and clever film. B+

sarina t (es) wrote: How do you watch this movie, I need help

Brett H (us) wrote: Fantastic film by a master director at his best!!The acting is top class across the entire cast. I must have seen this movie 10 - 15 times, but I have only just found out the Tom Hardy is in it and I didn't even recognise him...just shows how good he was in it to blend in with the American actors with a fine performance!

Ricardo M (br) wrote: Unbreakable is an unconventional comic book movie with an interesting take on heroes and villains. It does not rely on heavy effects or flashy action sequences, instead it focuses on characters and they're complicated relationships. Its twists and ending are not as powerful as prior Shyamalan's entries but still delivers an intriguing plot, nice acting and very satisfying ending.

Jared H (gb) wrote: It's a respectable film that shows how a corrupt and immoral society can sadly bring down the innocence that lives in its midst. It had some good performances too, but, I personally think it went on about a half hour too long.

Daniel P (br) wrote: Good times - Bad times

J R (it) wrote: For a Canadian indi flick, good times with this road trip flick!! Earl Pastko is the star of this one. His Satan is one of the very best I've seen!

Yunhi O (nl) wrote: Genuine. "The Intouchables" resonates with it.

Jennifer X (de) wrote: one of the most ridiculous stories i've heard in a long time. SO low budget it's actually really funny when he kills things.

Brandon S (au) wrote: Are there bumps along the road? For sure. However, I don't believe that makes this a bad film by any means. No one can say that David Fincher didn't do a stellar job of creating a sense of dread and fear all throughout, even if reshoots and plot elements in the latter act do undermine all of that narrative success.

David F (gb) wrote: I give it two stars (and not just one) only because it's so laughably stupid.

Martin P (au) wrote: To think I sat through all of this hoping it would get better, it didn't

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Aspiring actor tries to make it in film. Really a film that pokes fun at the stereotypes in Hollywood for black actors. Often breaks into film or tv spoofs but not often funny. Did find the black acting school amusing where a white teacher trains black actors to be muggers, pimps, slaves, and street thugs.

Prattay S (de) wrote: the cast was great, the story was also great. but there was something missing!

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Kind of gets forgotten today. Possibly it's because this came out in the same year as An American Werewolf in London and The Howling. Still, this is a solid werewolf movie in its own right.