Candyman: Day of the Dead

Candyman: Day of the Dead

The Candyman returns to try to convince his female descendent, an artist, to join him as a legendary figure. To this end, he frames her for a series of hideous murders of her friends and associates so that she has nowhere else to turn to.

The Candyman is back, trying to convince his descendent, an artist, to join him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nir E (jp) wrote: An intriguing rare peak into the culture of lies that the film suggests permeates a misogynistic society.

Lawrence B (de) wrote: Deliverance meets The Lord of the Flies (with a twist on Stand by Me) in Jacob Aaron Estes' effective drama that sees young Rory Culkin and friends embark on a canoe trip, with the intention of teaching bully Josh Peck a lesson, only for things to go horribly wrong. The influence of John Boorman's imposing thriller is clearly evident but strong performances (Peck particularly) from the youthful cast grant the film a voice and power of its own.

ray r (us) wrote: Wow, what a ridiculously shite movie.

Brian W (au) wrote: The Sunshine State is an OK film, but a let down when the cast is considered. I wanted to see it because of Edie Falco especially, but it was a waste of her talent. There was a point to it, but the whole film was belabored, it was drawn out, it's not something I'd run out and rent if I were you.

Robert I (nl) wrote: For better or worse, I really liked this film. Special props go to Scott Thompson. He needs to act more. James Caan = Really funny.

Mohammed A (es) wrote: The first movie was better than this

Maria D (us) wrote: Not a movie for everyone but one that Peckinpah fans will appreciate as there is no talent lost here.Warren Oats stars as the main character seeking the head of a man who seduced the daughter of a wealthy mexican willing to pay one million dollars.Gruesome and filled with sickly revolting detail, obsessed by violence Peckinpah delivers a stomach churning film with psychoanalysis.

Tim K (es) wrote: I don't know how to rate this movie stars one to five. At least not without adding a big question mark to it. A film that must have challanged the crew's endurance and continued to do so with the viewer. There is a brilliant dialog and depth - never pushed or dramatically shown. A clean and sharp dialog as I'm used to with Herzogs films. The film impressed me in the field of hard work - actually floating on real rafts in a large river. Highly interesting, sometimes challenging to watch but the thing that surprised me the most is that I kept thinking about this movie for a long time after watching it.

Zachary S (gb) wrote: Easily one of Robin Williams' best, if not his best, performances. Balance of drama and comedy is perfect in this Vietnam War film classic

Private U (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed Harris' book. The movie adaptation has some major differences but it was a good movie after all. Also, there are not many alternate history movies out there. I wish that was made into a big blockbuster.