Cannibal Holocaust II

Cannibal Holocaust II

Four friends head into the jungle to locate a lost professor but instead face off against treasure hunters who are torturing and killing natives.

Four friends head into the jungle to locate a lost professor but instead face off against treasure hunters who are torturing and killing natives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cannibal Holocaust II torrent reviews

Flamin F (de) wrote: Full of creativity.An Extraordinary movie.It leaves you so attached to the main character that you have Tears in your Eyes when the movie comes to an end.

Sweetie C (us) wrote: Very good LOVE RENEE

Kyle M (ag) wrote: It flows great with the energetic performances bringing humor and fresh insights, like this works as an experimental documentary; until the energetic performances turned into a wave over the flow during the melodramatic climax. When the wave was done splashing after things had calmed down, the flowing got lost and wasn't able to resurface to get the film to its destined rating. (B+)(Full review TBD)

Joshua F (ca) wrote: had potential, but lacked dialog and plot

Sebastian B (ru) wrote: It is a representation of the worse time in Argentinean history but showing only half of the story to make it look as if the Montoneros (Argentinean Terrorist organization of the 60s and 70s, in office since 2003) were victims of a massacre.

Maxwell S (kr) wrote: Truffuat may not have been going for the power he maintains in his other films (especially the 400 blows), but he was showing his interpretation of France during World War II and his love for the theatre. Truffaut also shows that he doesn't need that power to make a very compelling story. Also, there is that ever so presence of Truffaut's "cineaste", which is essentially why I watch his films. Franois Truffaut knew exactly how he was presenting this film, just enjoy how he constructed. I personally wouldn't have changed a second of it. It is a masterpiece.

Andr D (fr) wrote: La tercera de la "trilogia de la caballeria" a cargo de John Ford y protagonizada por John Wayne, es otro espectacular western, ahora a todo color, que lo tiene todo: heroes estoicos, mujeres fuertes, amigos borrachos, indios malvados y ese fantastico paisaje del "Death Valley". Todo un clasico olvidado para los amantes del genero del oeste.

Prattay S (au) wrote: the story was bad but the poor acting made it really yucky...

Manal S (ag) wrote: The underlying premise of any vampire movie is "what if your friendly nice neighbor is a scary vampire?" Jim Jarmusch asks the question differently: "what if the scary vampire is actually your friendly nice neighbor?" Lovers Left Alive pumps new blood into the vampire genre (pun intended) and explores the soft and vulnerable - almost mundane - side of the blood-thirsty creatures.Thanks to the out-of-this-world, dreamy ambiance Jarmusch masterfully creates, watching the film feels like being under drug effect; you're enjoying the mesmerizing images and music while contemplating the main characters' unfolding relations and existential ordeals.As a literature student, I love all the literary allusions the film is ripe with. Even Adam and Eve's (Hiddleston and Swinton) relationship feels like it came straight out one of the imaginary worlds created by Poe or Byron.Tom Hiddleston is good but the one who really stands out in all her exquisite beauty, grace and talent is Tilda Swinton as the ultimate motherly female figure/vampire.

Michael L (ca) wrote: When horror adds a laugh.

Ricky P (br) wrote: With thrilling set pieces, gorgeous animation and a heartfelt soundtrack. Tarzan is another classic winner from Disney