Cannibal Hookers

Cannibal Hookers

Two girls pose as hookers for a sorority initiation, then turn into zombies and eat their neighbors.

As a sorority initiation, two girls have to pose as hookers. Then they turn into zombies and start killing and eating the locals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill B (fr) wrote: Like all great rivalries, this one starts off low key and escalates quickly. It's a fun enough romp, and I have to admit to being something of a mark for the corny titled ones like this; I'd have been in trouble in the '50s with all the crazy atomic scare titles, ending up living in a theater watching bad movies.Rental.

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Lateef R (kr) wrote: very disturbing and sad.

Sarah W (mx) wrote: Best movie of all time I thought this movie was more resent when I watched it I thought it was done in 2000-2007 I just found out this amazing man Chris Farley dies the same year I was born I think he is the most amazing man on this earth I love him lots RIP we lost you too soon

Devon M (es) wrote: Dunder headed, but great in that same prospect.

Justin T (br) wrote: A solid horror/slasher flick. Well acted and somewhat good story.

El M (ca) wrote: One of my alltime favourites!!

Tracey c (jp) wrote: Excitement,adventure,derring-do and courage in the war-torn skies over nortnern Europe are "the right stuff"for this pulse-pounding World War 11 air drama.Two Academy Award" winners headline the sold cast: Cliff Robertson (Best Actor,charly ,1968) and George Chakiris (Best Supporting Actor,West Sidestory 1961). Robertson,an avid flyer in real life,plays a combat-weary pilot whose R.A.F Squardron is ordered on an apparent suicide mission to destory a Nazi rocket fuel plant - tucked deep into a Norwegian fjord. Chakiris portrays a resistance fighter whose fate numbers among the many ironies in the expertly written screenplay. To make the film,which is based on a true story a squadron of legendaryMosquito flighter-bombers was resurrected from near extinction.Dazzling fly-ing sequences bone-shaking sound and superb special effects help make this one of the most realistic air combat films ever to reach the screen.

Joyce R (ca) wrote: Jeanne Moreau in this movie is a study in feminine power and seduction. The lead, Stanley Baker, was HORRIBLE and ruined the overall effect for me.

Julia O (nl) wrote: I love Josh Radnor in HIMYM so I really wanted to love this movie, but there wasn't enough of a plot.

Cathy M (es) wrote: I loved the movie!!! It's exciting and focused. My only issue was never knowing the motivation of the driver. But that in no way effects the movies flow. Stellar performances!!

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