Cannibal Island

Cannibal Island

Though the release date says 1956, this film consists mostly of footage from a 1931 documentary called "Gow the Killer." It was the first sound film to deal with cannibalism, as it ...

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Though the release date says 1956, this film consists mostly of footage from a 1931 documentary called "Gow the Killer." It was the first sound film to deal with cannibalism, as it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandre M (ag) wrote: The acting is ok but there's one ridiculous flaw on the movie. If the pit can send a ghost-monster-whatever to randomly kill someone in the village when they don't sacrifice the chosen person, why not send it after the chosen one in the first place? What would happen if the girl managed to escape the village? Would the monster kill everyone one by one until the pit is out of followers? Destroy it's own religion? That's one dumb pit. :D

James H (mx) wrote: We've had Snakes on a Train, Snakes on a Plane, now Snakes on a Submarine. A decent budget helps, and a cast you may recognize. Decent score, it has suspense, but it's very routine and predictable.

Luca C (es) wrote: Presente i film che guardi e alla fine non sai bene che cazzo hai guardato ma ti piaciuto un sacco? Ecco.

Jocey D (us) wrote: Starts out as a tender and beautiful love story between David (Tom Cruise) and Sophia (Penelope Cruz), with some added drama from Julianna (Cameron Diaz). Then it gets very complicated and convoluted, blurring lines between reality and fantasy.

WS W (ag) wrote: Although fairly positive, I dun like its fantastical handling.

Adam R (mx) wrote: Suffice to say "How Awful about Allan" probably won't be mentioned in the same breath as "Duel" or "Killdozer!" when it comes time to name the best TV movies of the '70s. Allan (Anthony Perkins, for once not playing some variation of "Psycho's" Norman Bates) is a young man persistently living in the shadow of his stern academic father. After failing to save his dad in a house fire which also scars his sister (Julie Harris), Allan is committed to a mental institution for months suffering from guilt and hysterical blindness. But it's not hysterical blindness. If anything, I'd call it "runny-watercolor-vision." And Perkins doesn't even act blind throughout most of the movie. These major flaws, plus an inert, rather inept plot, make "Awful" a trying sit. Not even producer Aaron Spelling's usual bag of TV-enhancing tricks could save it.

Eunice W (mx) wrote: One of those lovely films that you appreciate after it's finished, rather than thinking 'holy crap this is amazing' while you're watching it. Really sweet, poignant, vulnerable. Although Hepburn is sometimes awkward & annoying, her acting makes the movie, as well as the dreamy Brazzi (what a dreamboat!). Really liked this film, would probably buy & watch over & over again, due to its wonderful mood.

Raindrop W (kr) wrote: my afternoon movie kitty foyle... excellent! black and white film from the 40s

Ryan V (de) wrote: The animation is groundbreaking and the music is majestic. This is an underrated one, in my opinion. The Magician's Apprentice is the highlight, but this masterpiece has so much more to it than just that.

Danny S (kr) wrote: Looks interesting...

Henry G (br) wrote: A Simon Pegg movie? Off course i want to see it.

Jamin M (ca) wrote: I love this film. It has a great cast, the acting is very good, the comedy is good, and the musical performances are excellent. The characters, while stereotypical, are likeable. I really enjoy Fat Amy, and Rebel Wilson's performance was so entertaining. I had no idea that Anna Kendrick can sing so well. The movie kind of suffers from a predictable plot, but they make up for it for the most part with the acting and music. While maybe not one of the best musicals, Pitch Perfect is a fun good time