A group of students take a bus to go to a small town, in order to finish a professional practice. All of them are friends, and they decide to sing some modern songs, while the other passengers are trying to sleep. One of the passengers gets angry and shouts "stop rowing", so they shut up. But when they arrive in the town, and after knowing the incident, everybody treats them as if they were criminals.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Spanish,Nahuatl
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   student,   priest,  

A group of students take a bus to go to a small town, in order to finish a professional practice. All of them are friends, and they decide to sing some modern songs, while the other ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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GirlMelody L (ca) wrote: What a film!!! Films like these don't come to theaters because they're TOO REAL!! This is a movie about life; life in all it's beauty and it's ugly. This movie is about family; family and all their ups and downs. I recommend everyone see this film. Oh..and have some tissue!

Sarah M (kr) wrote: When I was first offered to watch a pre-screening of this movie, I must admit I was a little hesitant to view it. Normally I stray away from any movies that have to do with cancer. However, I thankfully did decide to watch the film and I am SO glad I did. Ways to Live Forever went way above and beyond my expectations. Though this movie centers around two boys on their journey of fighting leukemia, the tone is not one of somberness but of joy. Yes, sad scenes and deep questions of life and death occur throughout the film, but after walking away from the movie, I felt, well, joyful. There is an uplifting spirit from this movie that is completely beyond my explanation; the director did a phenomenal job at engaging the audience and pulling them into these boys' lives. Some of the best child acting I've ever seen. Cinematography was beautiful. I would recommend this film to both teens and adults. If you don't have a desire in seeing it, still see it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Phillie E (kr) wrote: Straight-faced camp is almost passable.

Jacob P (ca) wrote: A descent horror flick with very little scares\kills. Not only is it slow, but the gay character could have been cut out of this movie.

Bheema D (fr) wrote: If you can accept, or even love, the nostalgia for noir, you'll at least like this picture. If you can't stand the Rodriguez-ness of it, you won't like it at all. For most of us, this film opens with a rough first act of unbearably stale material that evens out in the remaining two acts for a riveting if sometimes less than sophisticated experience.

Martin D (ru) wrote: The better half of The Duel Project. The movie clocks in at a mere 68 mins. But it's the most enjoyable dark-humored, dam right nasty, yet brilliantly violent 68mins you'll ever see!! *hint* bath tub + hairdryer = PAIN!! The two leads are both excellent in their polar-opposite parts. Considering this film was made in 7 days, and the actors only had 3 hours sleep a day for all that time... Hollywood could learn a lot from these movies.

Amar K (br) wrote: Everyone keeps complainging that Karisma was annoying! Are you mad? She was brilliant in this film. In fact, it was the first film she even won a best acting award. Of course, it's all Aamir but the entire film, though if you think about it, it's nothing special, is still entertaining. It has excellent songs, romance, emotion and a climax filled with action. Darmesh Dharshan's best.

Kevin D (es) wrote: Angela Jones is a delightful presence, but the Baldwin doesn't have much of a presence, and he drags things down. It's a shame. The premise is promising

Michael F (us) wrote: "Did I ever tell you my favorite color was blue?"

David W (au) wrote: Mad Max at it's full potential!

kamyar m (es) wrote: Funny, witty and thought-provoking! A nasty attack to the conventions of family, pride and dignity in a traditional society!

Calum P (de) wrote: "Lover Come Back" is another highly amusing Doris Day / Rock Hudson comedy that's just a shade below their earlier teaming, "Pillow Talk". Day is a chaste advertising agency representative; Hudson plays her rival who uses girls and liquor to get clients. Tony Randall gives them solid support as the wimpish inheritor of Hudson's agency. As in all movies that used the talents of writer Stanley Shapiro ("Operation Petticoat", "That Touch of Mink"), the dialogue is often delightfully witty. One of the funniest scenes ensues when Randall tests his 'moose horn' with hilarious consequences (although the effect is somewhat marred by an unconvincing, obviously immobile moose). Cute opening credits, too.