Canone inverso - Making Love

Canone inverso - Making Love

Costanza is drinking a beer in a Prague pub, a summer night in 1968, while a violinist enters and starts playing a "canone inverso" for her. It is not a case, that music and that violin ...

Costanza is drinking a beer in a Prague pub, a summer night in 1968, while a violinist enters and starts playing a "canone inverso" for her. It is not a case, that music and that violin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl G (fr) wrote: A great courageous movie!

Francisco F (nl) wrote: L'esprit d'une epoque, le film d'une generation. Ce n'est pas tant la mise en scene de Rochant qui importe ici (elle est assez convenue), mais sa maniere de capter l'air du temps avec un subtil equilibre entre empathie et critique de son personnage.

Lynne N (jp) wrote: Funny and sweet but a little bit hit and miss in places. Jack Lemmon and Doris Day are always watchable.

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