A woman's schizophrenia affects her relationships with her husband and son.

A woman's schizophrenia affects her relationships with her husband and son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristin R (es) wrote: This was an absolute yawn fest. Not even Kidman could save this movie from being possibly the most BORING movie ever made. A great character study, but that is about it.

Alex K (it) wrote: Ok we were all hoping for a good film that does a good job at showing the 911 attack, however we end up with this. A boring film that does not tell the story we all wanted to see. The film is just crap you don't even see a plane just the shadow how bad and disappointing is that.

Matthew D (us) wrote: There is no vantage point that can redeem this film.

Mark F (nl) wrote: I survived 10 seconds of this. How about you?

Daniel R (fr) wrote: Best movie ever and the only movie I cried in

Kashfia F (fr) wrote: I just looooved this movie as a kid and still love watching it :-)

Loreno V (br) wrote: This is actually one of Jackie's most serious martial arts movies. It is interesting to see the contrast of the character Jackie plays here (the cocky young martial artist looking for revenge) to the bumbling guy who is thrust into action by circumstances beyond his control. Jackie is in control the whole film and he is basically the instigator. The fights scenes are fluid and Jackie's athleticism shines through. Well worth a watch if you are a fan of old school martial arts movies.

Jessie V (us) wrote: i almost don't want to see it though...b/c i don't know if anything can live up to the expectations i have for this.

Genaro C (gb) wrote: There seems to be an ongoing debate over the comparison of this film with its predecessor. Ishiro Honda returns in the director's chair, the final time he would do so for a Godzilla film, and demonstrates possibly more than before that he has a knack for directing giant monster action. The big 3-way monster brawl during the final 20 minutes is the highlight, with plenty of explosions and some more convincing than usual evacuations. Mechagodzilla's arsenal is not drastically upgraded, but his missiles sound and feel more powerful and, given that the last film had its climax in a relatively isolated area, it feels somewhat innovative to see the machine level an actual city. Godzilla gets to show off more of his crazy melee techniques and the filmmakers got a little creative in figuring out different ways that Titanosaurus fights. The main problem is that the rest of the story building up to this feels a little too rushed and stale, not having the sense of humor about it that the previous film had. The last scene between Ichinosi and Kaatsura has some poignancy, more so than the typical giant monster movie, but everything before just feels too perfunctory. The appearances of the monsters are too scarce and the human scenes are not entertaining enough to carry the movie for too long. While I consider it to be somewhat lesser than the delightful "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla", it is still successful in its own right and a fitting end to the original series.

Matt R (de) wrote: Some viewers may not be able handle the extremely goofy comedy on display here, but those willing to sit through the whole thing will be rewarded with a handful of chuckle-worthy gags.

Glenn C (gb) wrote: I was drawn to Paperhouse because of it's director, Bernard Rose. I've liked his work over the years (Candyman, Immortal Beloved, Mr Nice) and was keen to find some of his early stuff. Paperhouse was his third film and as soon as I read the synopsis I had to buy it. How this movie eluded me all these years is beyond me. It tells the story of an 11 year old girl, Anna, who is struck down with glandular fever and suffers frequent black-outs. In her boredom she takes to drawing... her first picture is a house. During her black-outs she finds herself inside her own drawing where she meets a lonely boy. She had drawn him in the top window and forgot to give him legs. She soon realises that she can control this world by adding to her picture in her waking hours. At first fun, her fantasy takes a sinister turn when her alcoholic father finds his way into the drawing... his eyes are removed and he wields a hammer and he's hellbent on bashing Anna. If I had discovered this film when I was a kid it would have scared the living shit out of me. The imagery is great and Bernard Rose establishes himself as a serious director. Its a film that needs to be scratched below the surface and I suspect repeat viewings will reveal less obvious subtexts and parallels. While suitable for children (10+) Paperhouse offers a twisted psychological horror that will frighten the pants off the young'uns. Comparable titles are Mirrormask and The Fall. I'm glad I stumbled upon this one... better late than never.

Kyle C (nl) wrote: Not nearly as annoying as Jack & Jill, but annoying still nonetheless. Adam Sandler is back with another annoying voice (but at least he's playing a male this time) and I'm happy to say that although it is in Sandler annoying voice territory, it's not even close to as bad as it could have been, it's just Sandler with a Boston accent. As for the movie, it is somewhat funny and though it is raunchy with some gross out humour, it does somehow find a heart through it all, is it Sandler's best, NO, not even close, but is it his worse, again, NO, not even close. I don't know if even Sandler fans will enjoy it, he has somewhat redeemed himself, even if it's slightly from Jack And Jill, it is enjoyable enough for a comedy and I guess that is all it needs to be. I'm sorry, but I CANNOT RECOMMEND this.

Joey S (au) wrote: probably my fav Robert Redford movie of all time.