The story of the rise and fall of the infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone and the control he exhibited over the city during the prohibition years.

The story of the rise and fall of the infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone and the control he exhibited over the city during the prohibition years. Unusually, briefly covering the years ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cylus O (jp) wrote: Another good film from After Dark studios, the twins and their chemistry is what made this show enjoyable to watch, that and the fact that they were psychopathic and possessed psychic powers.

Belle M (es) wrote: Watched it! loved it! Cotillard's performance was beyond amazing. She really WAS Edith Piaf. Her acting was SO real and subtle. The kind of performance that makes you think about for days after the movie ended. The whole movie was pretty slow and neat. I love every minute of it. definitely worth watching.

Syed M (mx) wrote: wtf man. terrible movie with a retarded plot and action scenes that are so bad its painful

Grant S (nl) wrote: Overly schmaltzy, melodramatic and theatrical...and quite dull too.The story of two couples, Dan and Alice (Jude Law and Natalie Portman) and Anna and Larry (Julia Roberts and Clive Owen). We see how they meet, how their relationships start...and how they end up cheating on each other.Quite dull. It's really just a story of relationship machinations and manipulations for the sake of machinations and manipulations. There is no point, ultimately (except maybe that relationships are doomed to fail so why bother?, but I might be being a bit cynical there...). Execution is pretty stiff and stuffy too. Very wordy, and unnaturally so. Far too much melodrama over things not warranting such drama. You can tell this was originally a play...Quite empty too - superficial, emotionally, and overly schmaltzyOnly two things prevent this from being a total waste of time. One is the humour - there are some great one-liners scattered throughout the movie.The second is the performance of Natalie Portman. She sparkles in her role and got a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her efforts.Not sure how Clive Owen got his Best Supporting Actor nomination though. His performance largely consists of overacting. He is also the biggest victim of the theatrical script - every line he utters sounds like a speech.

Miguel R (de) wrote: Robots is a bad animated film, featuring boring characters and a cheap story

Don S (au) wrote: Awesome special effects are the reason to see this movie about the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. The story is simple and would be somewhat comical if not for the bloody revenge skills of Ichi. This is based on manga, and seems to have a super-hero connection that is not keyed on by Miike, Some really grotesque deaths are not for the squeamish. Nice mafia movie with horrific elements enhancing the action.

MercedesBen M (ru) wrote: Tooooo much CGI and horrible lighting

maxwell w (us) wrote: It looks like shrek may actually be love.

solidity q (it) wrote: I think this was the movie that was supposed to launch David Caruso's film career. It didn't and we were all lucky to have him back on TV in CSI: Miami. However aside from that, this was one of those fun thrillers. I think they really tried hard to make it cutting edge at the time, using lots of vulgar sexual lingo and plenty of gratuitous nudity, which was nice to see. If you're looking for a thriller look no further, this will fit the bill.

ole bjrn l (fr) wrote: one cool biker movie ;)loved it when i was younger

Artur C (de) wrote: Feminists probably went insane over it at the time. But still today, has a message that is relevant.

Paul D (de) wrote: Frank Sinatra doesn't look all too comfortable playing himself as part of the supporting cast for what is a lackluster musical comedy.

Greg S (es) wrote: When the chairman of an ad agency dies, the board all secretly vote Putney Swope, the token black executive, as the company's new leader, assuming that no one else would vote for him. He immediately fires the cracker staff, hires brothers and changes the company name to "Truth and Soul Advertising." Wicked, politically incorrect and completely absurdist satire packed with nonsense and wordplay; the president is a pot-smoking dwarf and director Robert Downey Sr. dubbed all Putney's lines, so the black hero sounds like a Brooklyn Jew.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Keep smiling, dad!The dean of a prestigious music organization has four beautiful daughters who are coming of age and share his affection of music; of course, their love is more for the current wave of music than the classics like their dad. All four girls support each other, but as they select boyfriends, it becomes quite apparent their lives are heading in separate directions. How will their upbringing impact their direction and can they stay a cohesive unit?"If one of my three sisters were a brother, you'd all have black eyes."Michael Curtiz, director of White Christmas, Mildred Pierce, Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood, We're No Angels, Yankee Doodle Dandee, and Kid Galahad, delivers Four Daughters. The storyline for this picture is interesting because each daughter's story and direction are fascinating. The acting is also very good and the cast includes John Garfield, Claude Rains, May Robson, and Priscilla Lane."It's homes like this that are the backbone of the nation."Four Daughters is a movie I DVR'd off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) because it was created by the legend Michael Curtiz. I found the film fun in a Little Women kind of way and it definitely contains dynamic and interesting characters. This isn't my favorite Michael Curtiz picture, but was definitely worth my time. I strongly recommend seeing this picture."Scratch my name off your birth certificate."Grade: B

Anthony N (br) wrote: This wonderful film tells the story of a widower that goes to surprise his kids that he doesnt know all that well. The empethy poured into this film for the man is heartbreaking when his children dont really want anything to do with him

Andrea T (de) wrote: This movie was incredibly boring and forgettable.

Brian H (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this one, but it was hard to categorize. It was basically a griddy cop drama but with Elliott Gould I couldn't help but get a comedic vibe. It's good check it out.