Caporale di giornata

Caporale di giornata

A young woman brings a baby to some military barracks. There is a note on the child - it says that the baby is hers and a soldier called Felice. All the the "Felices" are questioned by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fawan K (nl) wrote: Fun and entertaining movie with a lot of actions and romance. the best parts of the movie come in later after the development of the characters. The flashbacks are appropriately timed. The acting of each and every actor in their respective character had been done superbly. Simply put a must watch action/comedy/romance movie.

Jason S (gb) wrote: Who ever is seeing these films should be put in jail.

Iain G (nl) wrote: It's over stylised which while cool for the first 10 minutes becomes a complete annoyance after and the continuous needless swearing is somewhat off-putting too.

Charlene (fr) wrote: I saw this as a kid and i kept on rewinding the naughty bits (hahaha)....

Bruno V (de) wrote: Fine Mystery-movie with a good cast ! De Niro with Mila , De Niro with Edward fine acting again ! The ending just keeps me with a couple of questions ...but so have the actors ! My 35 De Niro Movie ...SOMDVD

Jennifer T (jp) wrote: Didn't really care for this movie. Not all that. I'll watch "Rush Hour" with Jackie Chan over this anytime.

Rob L (it) wrote: fun, dumb car stuff. It doesn't really deserve a full break down. One thing I do think is that if this same movie came out 20 years ago, it would probably get a lot more respect than it does now. There are also some extremely crafty new shots and camera tricks that are unique to this movie. If you listen to most critics and go in expecting inception levels of character, drama and story, you will hate it as well. But if you just want car mayhem and shut off your brain for 90 minutes you really will see something entertaining

Jonathan L (mx) wrote: Moofassa ooh! Say it again. Good story, great voices, darth Vader does a great voice in this one.

Luca D (nl) wrote: Buon film, anzi, pi che buono. Ben Affleck continua a dimostrare di saperci fare come regista. Alcune scene di azione/violenza sono magistralmente girate e montate. Il film ha un buon ritmo anche se il finale non mi ha convinto appieno, ma sono dettagli.