A biopic of the writer, Truman Capote and his assignment for The New Yorker to write the non-fiction book, 'In Cold Blood'.

In 1959, Truman Capote searches information about the murder of a Kansas family and makes decision to have a book to disclose events. Unwittingly, He falls in love with one of the killers, Perry Smith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DeJa G (kr) wrote: This movie is the freakin bomb ????????

Paul S (gb) wrote: Not a great movie but certainty worth a higher rating then it's getting. I would give it a 60%. McGregor's first directed movie, does a decent job at that as well as playing the lead. Fanning does a well acted part as she is known for, the studdering is a bit much and maybe a bit over-acted for her part.

Joe L (es) wrote: A special ghost story of its type. The story borrows the concept of Tzoang Tzu's Dream (duality of reality and dream) in a new way - the movie plot crosses over the story of the fiction inside the movie. At some time, I was confused whether it was the story itself or the fiction within. I think the director handles this feeling of confusion very well. Like the special effects of the furniture being carried to the cemetery. Lau Ching Wan's performance is ok but I expect more from him. Mia Yam's performance is perfect for a newcomer. The film tries to bring out an encouraging message in the end - to live on is the best way to send our regards to the ones who have left us.

Rubn L (jp) wrote: Dry Season is an unpretensious film mainly told through glances and careful movements. You can feel the heat and the tireness through the screen, but above all, the human nature. I liked the film, but I always felt like an outsider.

Mallika S (gb) wrote: Harlan is surreal yet easy to relate to in all his earnest self who believes in something bigger than the essential being , delusional yet sincere , norton lends an air of credibility to the character that makes one review their own system of beliefs , not always doing what one would do normally he engages ones sympathy for having his heart in the right place , norton lends an air of vulnerability to the character , perfectly in sync with the lead of evan rachel wood , a free spirit with both of them being unconventional yet relatable , worthy performance by culkin , his silence contains a distinct sense of discomfort with himself and embodies a voice that is often drowned by his protective strong father , a good movie , gives a different perspective on things

Gusti S (au) wrote: hilarious dark comedy, the plot was predictable but not disappointing

Jonjon B (ag) wrote: any one know where I can find this movie?...

Jason S (mx) wrote: The only time I want to hear "heartwarming" is if it's used in the sentence "After ripping it from her chest, I set the heart warming on the fire. Should make a good meal"

Grant H (ru) wrote: Don't want to pile on like the rest of how bad this film was..... oh, what the hell, avoid like the plague. The type of movie you pray is not the feature film on a long flight.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: Decent mystery horror--Dark Thing!!

Donald M (es) wrote: Under rated. The romantic subplot was unneeded.

CreativeJamiecom I (gb) wrote: This movie not only misrepresents teenage behavior, it misrepresents HUMAN behavior.Also, it didn't make me laugh, which is a serious problem for a comedy.