Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer

Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer

Viggo Mortensen plays the Spanish soldier-turned-mercenary Captain Alatriste, a heroic figure from the country's 17th century imperial wars.

Viggo Mortensen plays the Spanish soldier-turned-mercenary Captain Alatriste, a heroic figure from the country's 17th century imperial wars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer torrent reviews

Sandeep H (us) wrote: Just an ordinary movie, and there was lot of expectations from Vikram. But his role demanded him nothing, just to do some makeups that's it. The Plot is based upon the Politricks and land mafia. Jayalalitha is somewhat defamed, and actress who played the role done very well. The heroine was cool to watch, but her scenes were just for the songs. Overall its a one time watch.

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Tina S (au) wrote: Could have been better.

John B (br) wrote: Bad. Borderline awful. I want my 90 minutes back!

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Mike S (jp) wrote: I'll always have a special fondness for the cast of the original Star Trek TV series and movies, but the Next Generation series was undoubtedly a superior product, and its ensemble cast a real pleasure to watch. So it's no surprise that this first solo film outing of the Next Generation crew (Star Trek: Generations was a handover from Kirk's crew to Picard's) was hugely entertaining for me. I just saw this for the first time (I was a parent of young children when it first came out in 1996 and didn't go to the movies often).In First Contact, Captain Jean-Luc Picard must face off once again with the Borg, arguably the most tenacious and threatening villains ever concocted on Star Trek. The Borg have gone back in time to the dawn of Earth's interstellar space age. They plan to annihilate the inventor of the warp drive and assimilate Earth. Naturally, Picard and crew are at the right place and in the right time to confront the cybernetic Borg. I found this version of the Enterprise (a brand new Enterprise, the TV version having been destroyed in Star Trek: Generations) much darker than the Enterprise-D. Who would want to work in such a dismal setting? But the cast was as good as ever. Data has an emotion chip. Worf joins in from his assignment on Deep Space Nine. Deanna gets drunk. The Borg infiltrate the Enterprise itself. Lots of action, lots of clever solutions to impossible problems, some violations of the Prime Directive, and a reference to Moby-Dick (which also featured in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan). What more could you ask for?

Greg C (fr) wrote: One of my favorite guilty pleasures.

Daniel C (fr) wrote: Solid four. It's a great story, although fictional, which is very real the entire length of the film and puts a face on the lives of performers with the USO.

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Oscar S (ca) wrote: Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart's desire. - John Dewey

Brian M (au) wrote: While no work of art, it wasn't nearly as bad as most felt it was. It took a very low key approach and departed little from the book's story (though admittedly a bit more creative license wouldn't have hurt), with the biggest changes being toning down some of the more violent elements. While this likely made the film more tolerable for some audience members, it did soften its edge a bit and thus the mystery portion fell a little flat. It isn't rife with belly laughs either, but it has a certain lighthearted charm and likeability to it that makes it an easy watch. I enjoyed Katherine Heigl in the title role and appreciated her not going overboard with the Jersey accent, keeping it minimal and deliberately subtle. Her voice-over narration, though effective in spots, does have a tendency to state the obvious a little too often, and it's likely these moments that cement the film's bad reputation. It's also a shame that a few scenes with Debbie Reynolds were axed, as her screentime is minimal in the final cut. The rest of the supporting cast, though offbeat, is surprisingly effective, and it's fun not to see A-listers crammed in just for the sake of it. A pity no sequel will be produced, for with a stronger director the cast could easily improve over this good, yet imperfect, start.

Angie C (ru) wrote: A really great movie. Kept me interested the whole time