Captain America II: Death Too Soon

Captain America II: Death Too Soon

A government agent is looking for a missing scientist, believing that a revolutionary leader known as Miguel (Christopher Lee Lord of the Rings) has him, and that he is using him to get his formula for something that can accelerate the aging process. He sends Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Red Brown) to find him and rescue the scientist, his only lead is a chemical that the scientist needs for his formula. As he gets closer to the truth Miguel threatens to spray the chemical on a major city unless his demands are met. But the President does not negotiate with terrorists, can Captain America save the day!?

The star spangled hero must battle a villain's plan to poison America with a chemical that horrifically accelerates the aging processing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judy K (br) wrote: This movie was brilliant. Haunting, beautifully scripted, wonderfully shot and gripping to the very end. I cannot understand the Tomatometer score.

Kimberly S (de) wrote: The truth hurts...Sadly in this country there are many who don't want to see...or HIDE the truth!! A definite MUST see!!!

Alec N (fr) wrote: I love The Rolling Stones, I love Martin Scorsese, therefore I fucking love this movie.

unknown u (fr) wrote: treach should stick to rapping

Mali J (us) wrote: Meni se film izuzetno svideo. I prica, i kako je slikan, neka fantasticna pretapanja, atmosfera.Lepage-ov drugi film koji gledam u roku od tri dana (posle "The Far Side of the Moon") i veceras sam odmah stavio da skidam Le Confessionnal. Toliko o impresijama.

Aries E (br) wrote: love in many ways...always remarkable

John Eric D (nl) wrote: Director James Cameron proves that he can make a fun spy action flick like everybody does in the 90's. It's a popcorn guilty pleasure at its best. I always think of Cameron as blockbuster director whose visions are limitless in terms of film making. Arnold as the protagonist, suspects his wife of infidelities. Until such time they team up together in this fun, over the top action flick. I thought Arnold and Jamie's chemistry is okay, not memorable either. The humor is there, it could have been better. The most fun part is when those VTOL's shootings missiles into the bridge and wild explosions all over. Including the last part where Arnold brings this VTOL Jet fighter against this bunch of terrorists. Cameron brings up his capabilities as a filmmaker, this action film says it all. The great spectacular action scenes that you can see in a film. If you have watched T2, watch this next. 3.5/5

Luke R (gb) wrote: Mediocre adaptation of an overrated novel.

Loy M (es) wrote: Mario Van Peebles directorial dbut was New Jack City staring himself, Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Judd Nelson, Allen Payne and Chris Rock. Snipes stars as Nino Brown, a rising drug dealer and crime lord in New York City during the crack epidemic. Ice-T plays a detective who vows to stop Nino's criminal activity by going undercover to work for Nino's gang.I would describe the script, the action and the production more like The God-Father in the Ghetto. Very Raw, Unadulterated and Intense which leaves viewers, if not entertained, impressed with the energy that the movie brings. Wesley Snipes gives what will always be remembered as his best performance.Overall Rating - 7 out of 10.Loy Machedoloymachedo dot com | whoisloymachedo dot com

Angie (nl) wrote: I love this movie!!!

Steven A (au) wrote: I remember watching this movie as a ten year old thinking it doesn't make any sense. As I grew up I always remembered this movie and wondered if my age limited my comprehension. Then after watching Brian DePalma ruin multiple other decent scripts with his lackadaisical directing, I realised I wasn't the problem.I saw this movie again just last night and found it more absurd this time than when I was a child. I'll always see DePalma as the Hollywood director who bites off more than he can chew. His successful movies would have been successes no matter who was directing them.

Maria D (au) wrote: Dicided to watch this as Jack Nickelson stars in it and also directs the film! Very low budget, with a great cast, surprisingly! The loveable rouge Jack seems to have a blocked up nose the whole way through but it's a story of love and fortune with the idiots added on for extra effect. If you don't mind washing away the odd 2hrs then watch, even if it's good to see jack looking so god dame young again!!!!

Dann M (gb) wrote: Talk about f***ing up a classic, Black Christmas is a disgrace and unfit to bear the name. In this reboot the residents of a sorority house, which has a bloody history, are killed off one by one during a severe snow storm. There's no real mystery or intrigue to the plot, just senseless violence and killing. And while the cast is first rate (Katie Cassidy, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lacey Chabert), they're completely wasted playing bland, stereotypical characters. Additionally, the violence is extremely gruesome and lacks any subtlety. Sadistic garbage, Black Christmas is an ugly and vulgar film.

Randy Y (ag) wrote: Well, buoyed by very low expectations, I found this to be an enjoyable holiday movie. Not all warm and fuzzy- as it's mostly Arnold scrambling to get a specific toy, but some good characters with Sinbad & Hartman adding to the movie. The end got a little silly, but also added the warm/fuzzy of a holiday movie.

Joetaeb D (ru) wrote: Surprisingly weak considering Scorsese was involved.