Captain Battle: Legacy War

Captain Battle: Legacy War

By adopting the experimental drug while the military, battle of Sam followed in the footsteps of the super hero of World War II, known great-grandfather, as his battle CAPTAIN. Drug turns him into super-being and intelligence beyond that of an ordinary human strength, and agility. After his service, he returns home to home over to the ruthless neo-Nazi thugs by referring to the mastermind of evil known as the service is Necromancer. Third Reich is equipped again raise re-animation by Himmler them. Sam only, as captain of the battle, will be able to save them!

SAM BATTLE is injured during his tour of duty in the Gulf War. He loses an eye and is near death. His good friend, BRANDON STORM, who is a scientist, injects him with a secret serum that he... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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