Captain Hima

Captain Hima

University graduate works as a school bus driver after failing to find a proper job, where he unexpectedly falls in love with a school teacher, who is the love interest of an evil businessman. Of course you don’t already know that she will be loving the "King of Generation", after all, who wouldn’t?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Captain Hima 2008 full movies, Captain Hima torrents movie

Ebrahim is a bus driver in a private school, and he falls in love with one of students in the same school. Both live a sweet love story but they face problem that caused a big pain to Ebraheim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Captain Hima torrent reviews

Dave C (gb) wrote: The best part of this film is the idea of using Lego.After that it is largely the same couple of jokes being shuffled for the rest of the film.It is short at just over 70 minutes and that is a blessing.Kids may like it, but if you are looking through adult eyes, apply alcohol before starting and make it a boring day...

Tiger L (es) wrote: The most fucked-up movie I've ever seen.

Jill R (kr) wrote: I actually liked the movie sure it was vulgar with average acting but this is still a funny movie it is good to see atleast once I'm not saying watch it right now but if you do you will be surprised Grade B-

Mr Movie R (jp) wrote: The type of silent film that reminds you of the classics from the early days of film.

Zach R (br) wrote: Pretty cheesy, but a fun film to watch with the whole family. Really funny alongside a kinda overused idea.

Zack20 S (es) wrote: Best movie ever made.

Julian G (fr) wrote: Was a good movie overall. Samuel did good once again. The story was quite interesting and the twist is good.

Baurushan J (au) wrote: The story is about male tennis-star Peter Colt played by Paul Bettany who is at the bottom of the ranks because of his bad luck he has everywhere ot seemingly manifests. Now he has been chosen to play for the wildcard at WImbledon which is the tennis world's most prestigious competition. While he is there and just starting to get his wildcard, he meets female American tennis player Lizzie Bradbury who gives him the confidence to win as they fall in love with each other. Boosted by his newfound luck, Peter climbs to the top of the tournament very quickly until he actually has to fight for his chance for the men's finals to finally get his wildcard and also his Wimbledon trophy. I remember when I watched this movie a long time ago. It was one of the most charming experiences I ever had in early movie history. These were the good old days in Kirsten Dunst's career, oh yeah the good old days. Also 2002, 2004 and 2008 were the best year in movies for the 2000s. It's sporty, light-hearted, well-pasted and has a great story. Wimbledon just got a 10/10.

Mallory A (kr) wrote: It's an odd failure. With stronger actors it might have even been successful.

Eric B (ru) wrote: It is so inaccurate it hurts.

Toucan C (mx) wrote: The documentary with everything: a hugely informative look in to a world I knew almost nothing about, heartbreaking stories from people rejected by their families and society, and awesome music, dancing and fashion.A must see!

Ray F (it) wrote: this was a good movie

Shaun T (ru) wrote: "None can serve his parents beyond the grave."

Andrew T (ru) wrote: After I wrote something about David R. Ellis's Shark Night 3D. I just though Chinese movie director Herman Yau arguably Hong Kong's David R. Ellis. Former stuntman David R. Ellis's Shark Night 3D have some good stunt scenes in Shark Night 3D. Herman Yau's Turning Point and The Legend is Born - Ip man also have some good stunt scenes. David R. Ellis's Shark Night 3D's plot have some outrageous twists and turns. The plots of Herman Yau's Turning Point and The Legend is Born - Ip Man also have some twists and turns. David R. Ellis's Shark Night 3D's plot suffer from SAD (Severe Avatar Disease) which means the horrible plot propelled by stupidity. The plots of Herman Yau's Turning Point and The Legend is Born - Ip Man's plots are not as stupid as Shark Night 3D. However, both plots are jammed packed with senseless melodramtic events. This is quite a typical problem of Hong Kong movies and TV dramas.As I Wikipedia Herman and I found that he directed the 1993 Hong Kong movie, The Untold Story. I cannot believe the director of The Untold Story would add so much senseless melodramas into his movie.One of the laughable part of the plot is the Japanese spies buggering Chan Wah Shun's school of Wing Chun. The only explanation for this probably Chan Wah Shun's school of Wing Chun is sitting on a rich oil well or there are a lot of rare earth underneath or I just cannot understand the motives of the spies.The real draw back of the Ip Man franchise is semi-fictional. Well, this is also quite a problem for Hong Kong movies while filmmakers in Hong Kong do not have the patient or wish to invest time and resources to research a subject deeply and thoroughly before the process of movie making. As long as Hong Kong filmmakers grab a money making movie idea, the would try to making the movie ASAP. All the gaps of the plot are filled with melodramas like love relationships, brotherhood or sisterhood... Wilson Yips Ip Man series fill the gaps with well designed action scenes and I really love it. But Erica Lee, writer of The Legend is Born - Ip man, fill the gaps with senseless melodramas, Japanese conspiracy and comical characters which, in my humble opinion, spoils the whole thing. I do want to kick the screenplay writer, Erica's butt!I wish to say something about Dennis Yu-Hang To. He maybe a green actor. However, I got a movie idea. I wish Steven Soderbergh should choose Dennis to star in Haywire 2. Let's set the Haywire 2 have the setting in Hong Kong. Then we see Gina Carano sends to Hong Kong for an assignment. She fights Dennis, and then, they have sex. How cool is that when the east meeting the west!