Captain Khorshid

Captain Khorshid

Captain Khorshid is a sailor who although only having one hand, manages to sail his little boat. In his village, due to its hot climate and hard living conditions, dangerous criminals are sent into exile. They want to escape from the area, so they ask a middleman to strike a deal with Khorshid. Khorshid is asked to illegally take them out of the country with his boat. At first he is reluctant, but because of the hardships of living he accepts the job.

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Wes S (au) wrote: There's not much to it, few dragon scenes, generic modern b-movie characters, and a slowish plot. It's kind of fun, with some entertaining scenes, but there isn't much special going on. It's mostly a slightly below average monster flick.

Yi L (es) wrote: Information asymmetry...

Ziv E (nl) wrote: A fun movie i remember watching a lot.

William H (ca) wrote: Overall dissapointing, Romeo & Julia adaptation that started well but suffered from a poorly written scenario, the last 30 minutes of the film was full of cliche's, the ending was very unoriginal. The editing was excellent though and I appreciated the hand camera shots (which was also used a lot in Narajno's previous effort that I liked more: 'Drama/Mex') but the direction really could have been better.

Michael F (es) wrote: bad acting and everything aside...this movie had real good music and the dancing was real tits...TYLER GAGE IS IN THA BUILDIN'!

Matthew N (nl) wrote: Not nearly as good as the original

Christopher C (fr) wrote: The action was pretty good. It was good to see some Asian actors get the spot light. However, that's about it for this movie. A very plot. Very bad acting especially Barry. Overall a very bad movie.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: So Lloyd Kaufman makes some of the trashiest movies, and he has been doing so for 30 plus years. From Toxic Avenger to this movie Terror Firmer, Lloyd has never altered his approach to making films. He even has a book All I Need To Know about Filmmaking I Learned from the Toxic Avenger. So what is so special about this movie? This movie seems to be the culmination of his life's work. The movie is loosely based on the before mentioned book. The movie is about a gender confused killer that is wreaking havoc on a movie that is in production by a blind director, played by Lloyd Kaufman himself. I believe that the movie pays homage to many films that Kaufman and Troma put out to this point. The movie is a Trash film, a Z-Movie if you will. It looks like the budget was no more than 5 bucks. That is the beauty of the movie, that is what makes this movie what it is. This movie is low budget, and by low budget I mean $500,000. That is low, really low. The movie is gory & disgusting. There are multiple killings in the movie that are really pretty awesome, and creative. One that comes to mind has to do with an escalator. The movie is also just filled with sex. This movie is one penis away from just being a gory horror porn. I would recommend this movie to anyone who just smoked a fat one and wanted to chill out with some friends and laugh. I am going to give this movie a 2 of 10, it made me laugh and it was really pretty creative, but the movie is too low budget. The movie loses itself a lot, and you forget where your going. This is not the best Troma movie. This is no Toxic Avenger, or Sgt. Kabuki Man N.Y.P.D. this movie really stands on its own. Trash-plotation S!D A Tribute to all Troma Films Features the Toxic Avenger

Codie E (it) wrote: Awkward, touhing and sad; the traits of the film are mirrored by those of the central character in James Magold's debut. This little film rests mainly on the shoulders of its lead actor, the astonishing Pruitt Taylor Vince who ellicits emotion and sympathy in every movement, look and line.

Matthew B (de) wrote: another classic, still fun fun funny!!!

Eric R (it) wrote: William A Wellman's 'Frisco Jenny' is an epic film-spanning 30 years, about the life of Jenny, a young woman who through a series of tragic circumstances is separated from her son, only to reconnect many years down the road, with tragic consequences. With this film Wellman proves you can tell an epic story about the moral ambiguities and repercussions that make up our lives and do so in only 70 minutes long. Jenny is such a strong-minded female character, who no matter what is thrown at her from life, seems to persevere. It's kinda said that a film that dates nearly 80 years old, has a stronger female character of empowerment than pretty much anything I can think of which came out in the last year. Anyway, Jenny is played perfectly by Ruth Chatterton, who really captures this perseverance, balancing both the tough, yet fragile sides of this character. Wellman's ability to capture key emotional sequences through his craft is on display, using moving camera, tracking shots, and blurred images to help illicity the raw emotion which Jenny so often experiences. This is just another fantastic film by Wellman that is beautifully tragic yet incredibly affective in it's ability to push the viewer to think about Morals as more than simply "right and wrong" and the grayness which so often exists in life in general.

BRUNO V (nl) wrote: Thank god it's not my life ...

Mikko D (au) wrote: A bit blank and pointless teencomedy. Good cast doesn't save it.