Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter

Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter

Many mysterious deaths occur in one village. The ageing cadavers were found. A group of people suspect that dead people are victims of a vampire who drains youth and they decide to set up the vampire hunters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ranpreet B (us) wrote: Orignality @ its best.....anyone who loves good cinema will love it.....!!!!

Joel M (de) wrote: 1/10: Got misled by its poster and synopsis. It's just plain bad. Boring storyline, trying to be gritty and menacing but it failed miserably.

Whitney W (es) wrote: I didn't realize how much I enjoyed this film until I caught myself thinking about it weeks later. Both this film and July's "The Future" are like Portlandia: not so much impressive for their little pieces but as a whole quite wonderful and whimsical without just trying to be weird for the sake of weird. Miranda July is a peculiar shade of wallpaper that doesn't seem to come off - I picture an odd coral pink pattern. Hopefully you won't mind it - I've grown to sort of love it.

Sunshine s (ca) wrote: It's the night before the big football game in sleepy Briar's Creek. Unfortunately, cheerleaders--along with a lot of other people--are turning up dead. Debbie Rochon stars in this comedic horror thriller in which everyone's a suspect

Brian S (it) wrote: Poor Robert Englund; he seems to be running out the clock on his career by starring in a string of sub-par horror flicks, including this clunker. Englund should be doing better. In fact, 1.5 of the 2 stars I've given this stinker are due entirely to his menacing presence, as Inkubus has nothing else going for it at all. The story is riddled with logical inconsistencies. Why would a demon, capable of taking over minds and bodies, disappearing at will and telekinesis, need to haul around a huge knife that springs from his wrist at opportune plot points, for instance? Nobody else in the flick delivers a performance worth watching. The whole thing is a muddle of vignettes of brutality strung together by the presence of a demon who, while imaginative about how he kills, isn't creative enough to come up with a good name for himself - hence the backwards "k" in his name. If he can do that, why not give himself an interesting name, at least? Dumb, dumb, dumb, and here's Englund stuck right in the middle of it all. And Joey Fattone as a police captain? Seriously? He was a better actor when he was in a boy band; he's dead weight in Inkubus, and the decision to cast him as a lead here should be enough to end the career of whomever made that dreadful decision. Then again, THAT may be the scariest thing about Inkubus after Englund's yeoman attempt at doing the best he can do with the awful material he's been given.There's plenty of gore in Inkubus, but there's not enough blood to cover the problems with this low budget loser of a supernatural horror flick. Send it back to Hell!

mathis r (mx) wrote: Good for the past technologie

Brandon Yuji N (ru) wrote: Had its craziness and funny moments. About what I expected.