Captain Sabertooth

Captain Sabertooth

Captain Sabertooth's menacing ship, the Dark Lady, is the only one Tiny, the world's youngest priate has ever known. He dreams that one of these days Captain Sabertooth will come to see that Tiny is a real pirate and a brave one too! But Captain Sabertooth has only one thing on his mind, to discover the long lost, legendary treasure trove of Gory Gabriel. Tiny is mesmerized by the beautiful Veronica, a local girl from Luna Bay.Their destinies entwine and together they must fight fate, legend - and Captain Sabertooth.

Sabeltann is a pirate looking for a big treasure. Aboard Sabeltanns big ship, Den Sorte Dame, they are preparing for a long and dangerous journey. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Captain Sabertooth torrent reviews

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: The first movie was better than this

Lena H (ag) wrote: En helt Ok, spnnande film med ovntat slut, sger bara Mikael Persbrandt

Josh R (fr) wrote: Awful acting, average Christian musik and okay story line.

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