Captain Salvation

Captain Salvation

A young divinity student helps and protects a down and out prostitute, at the cost of his own standing in the community.

A returning seminary student goes up against a small New England town when he comes to the aid of a prostitute who has been injured, despite the townspeople's calls for her to be run out of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ty D (ag) wrote: Excellent POV style horror with a good balance of realism and demonic supernaturalism with one of the most horrifying endings I can recall.

Angelo Dean B (kr) wrote: 1.5 StarsWasn't that bad for a Malaysian Action film, but still bad overall

Sookie S (gb) wrote: I'm hoping to be able to see three films tomorrow:[i]Pieces of AprilLost in Translation[/i](3rd and final time before it leaves theatres)[i]Elephant[/i] or [i]Shattered Glass[/i]

Isabel A (ca) wrote: Hacia aos que no veia esta pelicula. Me gusto tanto como la primera vez, pero que agobio, de verdad...

Kristi R (it) wrote: I used to watch this movies all the time. It's hard to find someone that actually knows what it is.

Scott J (fr) wrote: A fun, throw away, knock about romp. Coburn chops it up as the all-knowing superspy Flint. Austin Powers owes so much to Derek Flint.

L J (it) wrote: Or simply 'The Damned' in the UK. Children raised from birth in enclosed radioactive lab-environment for secret behavioural project in British coastal town! An intriguing film from Hammer, this is an intelligent sci-fi drama where the science fiction elements sometimes seem almost incidental to the character-driven story. Ollie Reed gives another of his great bullish performances as the leader of a gang of biker troublemakers who becomes one of the 'heroes'. Viveca Lindfors is very engaging as the sculptress innocently caught up in it all. Excellent Hammer. (And a brilliantly unhappy ending!)

Mark V (gb) wrote: This was a pretty good story . Usually, it's the guy who moves away, and the girl who stays, and the guy comes back, a lot different, than when he left. Not this film . She's the one who left, became educated, a little worldly , and was makeing it , in the buisness world . Meanwhile , he stays back in the small town, and does his own growing . I can't say much, because , I think it's a film worth watching.

Jireh A (br) wrote: Jim did well, but the movie was dragging.

Greg P (es) wrote: A movie must be good when your heart tells you the movie was a 5 but your brain says 4. I loved the movie. So to not get sucked up in how my heart feels the movie was a 4. The actors flowed together beautifully. The stoty was original and damn it, when you get to see Elliot Gould in a movie it's a bonus within a bonus. So why a 4? I felt the film ended to abruptly. It lost its flow towards the end. It was like the writer saw the ending and just went there. Don't get me wrong, my brain and heart loved the ending. It was just the quick trip there that they did not. The movie was wonderful and only $6.99 to buy on Amazon Prime. Score! I typed in feel good into my computer and Ruby Sparks popped up. Now I do. Good watching.

Andrew N (kr) wrote: dirty and not hilarious but it is funny.

Scott M (nl) wrote: Extremely honest movie about drug addiction and how who you hang out with is also who can bring you down. Very funny. One of my all time favorites. Although you may have to see it 2-3 times to understand the dialog. They have heavy Scottish accents.

Barry S (ru) wrote: The Lifeguard-The kids grow up, (well, some of them do) and the adults regress. That's it. End of review.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Oops , what a bunch of Negative reviews ....don't mind ...for me this was cool to see calepsing those historical bildings , bridges and more ...Not 1 boring moment ! Let's buy it !