Based on a miraculous true story that drew the attention of the entire nation, is the dramatic, thrilling, and spiritual journey of Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols. After being taken hostage by Brian in her own apartment, Ashley turns to Rick Warren’s inspirational book, The Purpose Driven Life, for guidance. In reading from the book, Ashley not only finds purpose in her own life, but helps Brian find a more peaceful resolution to a harrowing situation.

In this fact-based thriller, a single mother struggling with drug addiction is randomly taken hostage in her own apartment by a man on the run from the law for breaking out of jail and murdering the judge assigned to his case - only to realize before the climactic finish that they have actually saved each other's lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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P P (nl) wrote: Fascinating documentary on one of music's most gifted talent managers. Highly amusing and deftly directed by Myers. Essential viewing for music nerds!

Allan C (fr) wrote: This throwback style slasher flick is an awful lot of fun for fans of the genre. The writer/director of the first two films, Adam Green, stepped back from director duties this time, but still delivered a script full of gory fun. The story still essentially the Jason Voorhees unstoppable killer in the woods story, but what I think this series does so well is that the various kills are original and, more importantly, is the filmmaker's use of practical special effects instead of CGI. Maybe my tastes for practical special effects (i.e. "The Thing" or "An American Werewolf in London versus "I Am Legend" or "The Thing" remake/prequel) favor this style of gore and I think that is the real charm of this film, which is, of course, not for all tastes. To this sequel in particular, a search and rescue team goes into the swamp to investigate the massacre left at the end of the second film, but no one still believes in the legend of Victor Crowley, the film's unstoppable killer, which means that most all of the rescue team ends up being killed in various gory and rather bizarre ways. Danielle Harris returns as one of the few surveyors of the previous film and Kane Hodder return as Crowley. "Gremlins" star Zach Galligan joins the cast as the parish sherif. It's all very silly, but quite a fun ride in a Karo syrup sort of way.

Eliabeth N (it) wrote: No, no, no! When will they leave Anne alone and be done with it? I enjoyed the last one they did despite it being in no way shape or form like any of the books. Ok it still irked me but I could forgive it because there were certain things I loved - Anne and Gil's wedding, some of the war scenes, her friendship with Fred, Dominic and most notably Gil and that scene when they see each other again and they run to each other (sigh with happiness - I could watch that part over and over again) but why a new film, without even having Gil? The best part of the Anne magic is her releationship with him. Seriously move over, let Anne rest for a while and then make a movie introducing her to a whole new audience, don't keep using L M Montgomery's works just to make profit - better still why not leave Anne alone and make some 'Emily of New Moon' films if they are that desperate to make some money?

stefn birgir s (us) wrote: Yeah, boobie time. Just like the 80s but in a different decade, century and millennia.

Mark S (ca) wrote: To be able to take such inspirations as Rambo: First Blood and Britain in the 1980s and create what is a very nostalgic and light-hearted film deserves high praise indeed. This is an affectionate and one guesses very personal look back at being a child in that era and the problems kids can sometimes have fitting in with others and keeping to what their elders expect of them.

Justin Y (jp) wrote: been an amanda bynes fan ever since she started on nickelodeon

Trey B (nl) wrote: Batman Begins is a great intro into a great trilogy!

Nico B (gb) wrote: Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd lacks the humor, charm, wit, and cast of the original Jim Carrey classic, Dumb and Dumber critically, lame jokes, humorless plot, and half-ass cast brings little to no laughs in this unnecessary prequel!

David Y (fr) wrote: Great coming of age movie inter sped with the miners strike. Heart rending and uplifting at the same time. A classic

Mark H (ca) wrote: There are scenes in this film you will just never forget. Utterly mesmerising...

Stephanie M (ru) wrote: WOW! Why do people not mention this western more often?! THis is an AMAZING hidden gem of a film. Starring Gregory Peck who is amazing as the gruff bank robber who slowly comes around to the better side (in a very real and not cheap old Hollywood way). Anne Baxter really surprises as the tough-as-nails western woman who takes crap from NO ONE. In a genre that is never usually very good to us ladies it is amazing to watch a woman in a western that isn't a whore, who doesn't need rescuing (and actually gets to help the hero out of the jam) and carries a shot gun and has an itchy finger on the trigger. Baxter plays her role with such contempt and strength- I can't give her anymore praise for what is such a different role for this genre and time.I can hardly believe this came out in '48. It feels more like the revisionist and darker westerns of the 70's but at the same time takes a few healthy shots of noir from the era.

Andr D (us) wrote: "Crank" es una pelcula que parece haber sido escrita y dirigida por un preadolescente de 13 aos adicto a "Grand Theft Auto", con toda la hiperviolencia, misoginia y vulgaridad impicita en la analoga. Pese a la premisa (un asesino a sueldo necesita mantener un flujo permanente de adrenalina para no morir), algunos recursos estilsticos interesantes y al carisma de Jason Statham, la pelcula parece ms un videojuego mediocre que inyeccin de adrenalina que promete. Claro que si quiere pedir a domilicio una pizza extra-large con queso adicional y una paca de cervezas, "Crank" no es una mala combinacin para el men.

Joel A (es) wrote: The very musically focused seasonal classic from the masters of Hollywood musicals.Other than some great music numbers & the world's first exposure to the song White Christmas arguably won the worlds most popular & successful songs.The plot is thin but this film has a lot of star power moving it forward and to it's credit both Astaire & Crosby are truly entertainers.A cutesy film that I can see why it is a classic but not the best christmas film ever made.

Arjun A (de) wrote: The same movie as the first.

Dj W (ru) wrote: This is probably one of the worst movies i have even seen. I appreciate a movie as art but I sure don't get it. Fancy camera work doesn't do any good if there is no story?

David S (ru) wrote: A story of 2 women who stumble upon each other and are immediately drawn together. This film was fantastic, even for not being my cup of tea. Such a strongly written script supported by a great cast lead by Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Their chemistry is so strong together and it really benefitted from it. Carol is a powerful film just by the subject matter. Being gay in the 1950's was extremely frowned upon. Rooney Mara played such a subtle and quiet character who is trying to find herself, and Cate Blanchett, a powerful and confident woman who is also lost in what she wants at this point of her life. The score was also very, very good. I am very surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did.