Car Bonus

Car Bonus

An American dream in Finland - a brand new car and a monthly income of 150,000 Euros. The worst recession period of Finnish history is over but unemployment is decreasing slowly. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth Y (ca) wrote: One of the ones I didn't get to screen at this year's Philadelphia QFEST, but had it on my list of ones I wanted to see. Glad it's getting some good buzz in the festival circuit.

Monica M (ag) wrote: WOW! Well i am the T-Girl Mousey that Kate Del Castillo is portraying this film and i am needing to see it...WOW!

Jeff B (de) wrote: Another good/quirky coming-of-age movie. Good choice of music (and action figures). I liked the open ending.

Samantha R (br) wrote: You have to hand it to Robert Carlyle. One minute he's a lovable unemployed welder taking his kit off, the next he's the most evil man in history. And he's utterly convincing in both roles.

Helena B (ca) wrote: Aitana Sanchez Gijon as a woman fighting to maintain appearances and brilliant, scene stealing Irene Papas as the witch make it worth seeing, yet only on TV when one is lucky.

Mick S (au) wrote: really good old movie

Ian C (kr) wrote: A different take on this mismatch cop buddy flicks. James Caan is the balls as the LA Cop who teams up with a new Alien partner to hunt the newcomer scum who killed his partner. Terence Stamp is a nasty cunt as the villian. I haven't seen this since renting it on video in 1988. It still holds up.

Jacob G (br) wrote: A smart man against a stupid world. Worth watching for sure. Make sure the kids are asleep though.

Ida K (kr) wrote: Typical 1980's goofy comedy but I like that kind of humor. My husband and I to this day will still quote "Tickle your ass with a feather?"

Allan C (us) wrote: So bad, it's good (possibly even excellent). When there's a scene where Chuck Norris is rescued by the poorly acted town man-child, you know you're in for a good time.

Mark Andrew N (ru) wrote: What's better than The Philadelphia Story? The musical, that's what! This classic has it all. Bing, Frank, Grace, Louis, they're all there with an excellent soundtrack. It's great to see Frank doing a movie with one of his idols, Bing.

Bryan D (de) wrote: Well done. Gyllenhaal shows off his talent and dedication as an actor. The movie is well shot, the music is powerful, and it does a great job triggering the targeted emotions.

Jacob B (it) wrote: B+'Planet Terror' (Robert Rodriguez's film in the 'Grindhouse' double feature) was made to be one of the exploitation films of yesteryear. While some of it doesn't add up, it doesn't need to. Instead 'Planet Terror' knows what kind of film it is and is not afraid to go all out with intentionally bad performances, and hilarious effects.

Elias N (kr) wrote: Amazing film with memorable character and legendary dialogue.