"Caracremada" ("Burnface" in Catalan), a nickname given by the Spanish Civil Guard to Ramon Vila Capdevila, reflects about the libertarian resistance against Franco's regime through the ...

"Caracremada" ("Burnface" in Catalan), a nickname given by the Spanish Civil Guard to Ramon Vila Capdevila, reflects about the libertarian resistance against Franco's regime through the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Summer T (ca) wrote: Patriocracy reveals the truth behind why America is so divided today. The unbiased look at a country that seems to be on one extreme or another is not only riveting, but credible as well. The ethos built through neutral view points, powerful research, and reliable sources makes this a unique but impactful documentary. I found it very interesting and revealing that our society has so much to disagree upon because we are no longer all getting the same news. Depending on where we get our news and information about the world, our opinions will be shaped differently. With this knowledge, it is vital that we actively seek to learn all sides of an issue and not allow the loudest and most outspoken personalities control our opinions. As a college student on the verge of graduation, I find it very hopeful and empowering that this issue is not one that will continue to occur no matter what. We have the power to change the hateful rhetoric and transform it into good ideas and a successful society.

Tony C (kr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by Role/Play. The script is a clever and thoughtful look at the perils and pleasures of coming out publicly, with enough twists to keep it interesting. It's carried mainly by the two main actors who are convincing in the affection their characters feel for each other. Worth a watch.

Erin D (it) wrote: one of those sweetheart films that makes you believe in the good in people. nice holiday film.

Ant K (jp) wrote: I was told by my wife to watch this "superhero" movie.I don't know what's super or heroic about having your ass kicked for hours.I actually wanted him to die at the end.One to miss.

Zoran S (us) wrote: This may be Agnieszka Holland??s most curious and elliptical film, especially given the intriguing manner in which it mixes melodrama and the supernatural. I would probably have to see it again before I could speak intelligently about it, but this is one of those films which I appreciated even if I did not fully understand it. Visually, the film is beautiful even in the somewhat worn vhs copy I watched it on. Overall, it engages in spiritual questions more effectively than later works of hers such as The Third Miracle or The Healer. While I still have mixed feelings about that spiritual side of her work (which is aesthetically minor when compared to Tarkovsky or Kieslowski, though that??s probably not a reasonable comparison), and prefer the rich political and historical questions of her films like Fever or A Lonely Woman, I did find Olivier Olivier quite fascinating and hope to see it again on dvd soon.

Ken S (nl) wrote: If you're afraid of clowns, this movie is guaranteed to ruin your Saturday Night.However what's more disturbing than the film, is the story of the director. Francis Ford Coppola saw Victor Salva's low budget horror film "Something in the Basement" and was so impressed he decided to give him a shot at directing his first legit feature. Salva returned the favor by orally molesting on of the young stars of the film and video taping it. Shortly after the film Salva was convicted and served 15 months in prison before being paroled. Then DISNEY came knocking and had Salva direct Powder. Needless to say there was some uproar over the Mouse House hiring a convicted child molester, and Salva found himself out of work once again.Coppola, apparently not having a problem with child molesters, hired Salva a few years later to helm the Jeepers Creepers franchise. Way to go Francis. Way to go.

Greg W (ag) wrote: ok musical not my cup o tea

Daniel B (es) wrote: A bit crud really but still watchable if your into Hammer.

Bill W (gb) wrote: SPOILERThere is a planet in the sun's orbit that shares the orbit with our Earth but it is always on the opposite side of the sun so we don't know about it. An astronaut goes on a space mission and arrives on that planet. Everything on that planet is exactly as it is on this planet except it is the mirror image of it. Eventually that all gets revealed to the viewer then everything gets reset and the movie ends.

Ice R (kr) wrote: Sophia is GREAT in this great drama.

Joetaeb D (jp) wrote: One of Spielberg's most underrated films.