In a beauty salon in Beirut the lives of five women cross paths. The beauty salon is a colorful and sensual microcosm where they share and entrust their hopes, fears and expectations.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Arabic,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   christian,   religion,  

A romantic comedy centered on the daily lives of five Lebanese women living in Beirut. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (au) wrote: Graphically funny and full of great actresses, "Bad Moms" plays to the every day mother's pains and exhaustion of balancing work and kids, but fails to deliver any sort of actual substance.

Ivette R (it) wrote: I get why it lasted but a few weeks and had a limited run! While the character of Michael had a beautiful sweetness that came through which was about the actor Harmony, the acting, overalI, was AWFUL!!! The story... well there was none really. Several story ideas are presented and never resolved which is always frustrating. It quasi story told was CLICHE and simply not compelling enough! The dialogue and action, Predictable. This was right along the lines of films like Empire and Illegal Tender. We don't support our films because most of them feel dated and have nothing to say. Where are our great writers and directors. Please come out, I know you're out there!!! I don?t get how films like this get made but I do get why there is no market for Latino films. As long as we continue to put out films whose only purpose appears to be push stereotypes, I don?t expect a change. Rosa

Christopher B (us) wrote: Scarcely a dull moment in this hoser horror. Watch our three heroes from "New Jersey" call people "boys" (as in, "I'm coming through, boys") and talk about getting drunk. That is until they encounter a helpful hillbilly (who calls the friends "boys") who might just be... A Cannibal! I wonder if Canadians taste like back bacon, eh boys?Oh yeah, also a must see to witness our helpless heroes run through the snow in their underwear for half an hour.

Vijay G (ru) wrote: A very informative film about the current biggest crisis in USA - the $13,000,000,000,000 (13 Trillion) national debt

Luke K (kr) wrote: First off, I'm a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. It's truly been a long time since a good, new animated christmas movie has come out that has the ability to stand up to the classics from the past (Rudolf, Frosty, Grinch, etc). However, I really believe that Robert Zappia's new independent animated christmas film "Christmas is Here Again" delivers and finally is giving our generation a Christmas movie we'll watch for years to come. With voice acting by Jay Leno, Ed Asner, Norm MacDonald, Madison Davenport, Andy Griffith, Kathy Bates, and more, the movie plays almost flawlessly. The musical numbers are very catchy (I think the soundtrack will do well too). The story is great, and, for the first time in a long time, fuses together commercial Christmas (Santa, elves, etc) with traditional christmas (baby Jesus). It is a very wholesome, yet hilarious, animated movie that I think will blow up next year. Perfect for families, parents and kids, and is nostalgic enough for everyone else to make it well worthwhile! Pick it up before it takes off!

Linda K (ag) wrote: It is hard to describe the film because it tackles many important issues such as politics, society, and the world in general. The film has many great qualities to it but the only flaw, i would say that it is the idea of using the 9/11 attack as part of the story. It isnt because the tragedy is too delicate to discuss but because any other tragic event (less important) could have made the point. In using the 9/11 attack is just to attract people in seeing this picture when it is not necessary because the script itself is already brilliant. The 3 protagonists have such great chemistry together in the film that it holds the story perfectly. Plus, they have the most interesting conversations. And John Turturro is so good that it worth seeing the film, just because of him. Overall, it is a film to see because of its great dialogues and amazing cast.

Leigh C (ru) wrote: unfortunately gimmicky and overwrought

Kristina Y (it) wrote: I felt realy bad for thouse kids. Thouse things r not something u want to mess with.

Seamus F (au) wrote: It has its conventional problems and questionable writing but I hold it up as one of my favorite popcorn flicks. What it achieved over a decade ago holds up today and remains a funny, action packed thriller with amazing characters and swashbuckling good time.

(es) wrote: I love French cinema, but didn't like this one at all. Too long, dry, and the acting wasn't anything to write home about.

Lucas M (it) wrote: Wonderful! A simple and terrific film that is very well written and bring three good actors. Fresh.

david s (br) wrote: A superficial look at a superficial, transient, era. Could have been so penetrating, could have used the artistry and photography to analyse, not merely depict, the conflicts and conundrums of hi-technology vs. high finance. An appropriately ambiguous ending for a movie which lost the plot (if there ever was one to lose?) says it all by saying nothing.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Very cheesy, very obvious. Typical 90s thriller. A very this good deserved better.

Greg W (au) wrote: based on a true story

Vincent H (es) wrote: Just a real feel good movie. Nothing too serious and again, Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy prove their greatness.

Anastasia (nl) wrote: Boring backstory (13) TO OWN

Tom S (es) wrote: It's fun, and only that.

Naomi L (au) wrote: Hated this movie. It was just like the first one except with bindi irwin in it and that made it worse. Sooo predictable it was boring.

Alejandro S (ru) wrote: Apenas v el elenco supe que quera ver este filme. Mario Casas y Mara Valverde, la pareja que estelariz el mega xito taquillero en Espaa de "Tres Metros sobre el Cielo" regresan en esta comedia blica/romntica titula "La Mula". Situada en el tiempo de la guerra civil en Espaa que condujo al rgimen del General Franco. Mario Casas interpreta a un cabo en el ejrcito nacional, del lado de los fascistas que no tiene una opinin poltica pero que azares del destino lo pusieron en uno de los bandos en este conflicto donde ambos ejrcitos ya estn cansados y solo desean que la guerra termine, no importa quien gane. Mario Casas encuentra una mula y decide que cuando la guerra termine, se la llevar para su casa, para ello, la mete a escondidas en el destacamento de mulas que usa el regimiento donde sirve. Mientras tanto en un baile de un pueblo, conoce al personaje que interpreta Mara Valverde, donde le miente pretendiendo ser adinerado para lograr cortejar a la muchacha en medio del conflicto. Destaco el gran trabajo de actuacin de la pareja principal donde no solo toman papeles diferentes a lo que han hecho antes sino que adems logran manejar "acentos" campesinos que aunque se dificulta entenderles en algunos momentos, agrega mucho al realismo de sus personajes. Un filme que aunque pudo ser mejor, es muy ambicioso y lograr implementar elementos similares a filmes como "M*A*S*H", "War Horse", "Pride and Prejudice", sin perder identidad propia, sabiendo como entremezclar los momentos de comedia con la cruda realidad de una guerra civil. El director, Michael Radford, reconocido por su trabajo en "Il Postino", logra manejar efectivamente esta co-produccin de Inglaterra y Espaa, mostrando un filme que llega a volverse impredecible, lo cual genera sentimientos encontrados pero definitivamente un filme muy recomendado.