In Argentina over 8,000 people die in traffic accidents every year. Behind each of these tragedies is a flourishing industry founded on insurance payouts and legal loopholes. Sosa is a lawyer who tours the A&E Departments of the public hospitals and the police stations in search of potential clients. Luján is a young doctor recently arrived from the provinces. Their love story kicks off one night when Luján and Sosa meet in the street. She's trying to save a man's life; he wants him on his client portfolio

In Argentina over 8,000 people die in traffic accidents every year. Behind each of these tragedies is a flourishing industry founded on insurance payouts and legal loopholes. Sosa is a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carancho torrent reviews

Mark W (de) wrote: great movie on mountain top removal. nice segment on wind power.

Kathryn S (au) wrote: Bizarre and amazing.

aiden t (ca) wrote: Not the typical Stone film but it's still quite fun and one of the best football movies in recent memory with a pretty decent performance from Al Pacino.

Justin R (au) wrote: Got lines an must see for a mans man!

ANDERSON G (ca) wrote: "Eyes Wide Shut" is a film that communicates through sex and the exploitation of pleasure concepts, let's first talk about the technical aspects are great, the sound speaks for itself track, Stanley Kubrick may not have participated in the post production of the film (the master died before), but different from what most people think, for me Stanley Kubrick would be very proud of the issue, we realize it's not Kubrick in some moments in the film abuses soundtrack ( at the beginning of the film, half pro end is understandable), and mounts scenes, some are a little dissonant in what would be the natural continuation of the film, but the picture is perfect, beautiful, it's amazing how the message is passed only by film photography, the couple in bed, the couple fighting, when William Harford (Tom Cruise) enters the "Company", those plans that have the feeling of sheer terror, is spectacular, the performances are good, nothing but so Nicole Kidman has even a shame moments of others when trying to look drunk and Tom Cruise always seems to be lost, and in some serious moments he's just laughing, but that does not essentially affect the film, the script has rhythm problems, but it is very well built, the dialogues are great, all the characters that appear are very well exploited, even those that appear 2min on the scene in the end, despite being a much criticized film, "eyes Wide shut" is a great movie , I'm sure that after a while people will start to open their eyes and see what the film says, and it will become a cult, as with all genius Stanley Kubrick movies.SPOILER: Eyes Wide Shut is a film that plunges headlong into the symbologies, we see the life of a successful couple, but with the relationship already very worn, we see Alice, the wife of our protagonist provided him some stories, like the fact her fantasize with others, soon after that, William strolling through New York, and realize the vulgarity at all, it almost relates to a prostitute, soon after, he meets a friend who talks about a party somewhat different, and this is where the film begins to me, the whole scene is amazing, and extremely tense and terrifying, William comes face to face with a kind of seemingly satanic nature sect (the magic circle that are around him, the music that in some moments is played backwards and the orgy that is very reminiscent of the biblical passages of sodomo and Gomorrah), and seem to be prophesying a sexual nature ritual (very common in this type of sect), and seemingly every high-ranking New York is present who really understands the subject should be elated by so much symbolism that has these scenes, William is easy sex wherever you want it delves into the psyche of the sensitive universe, where all relationships are linked to sex, to the guy who sells fancy (practically selling their underage daughter), to the daughter of his friend who dies (kissing William), the friend of the prostitute that says that Domino has HIV, and end up his wife who does not speak the loved forever , but briefly, and says that they have to have sex, because following all the logic of the film, all social relations must be contemplated by the pleasure to be meaningful.Sorry for my English translator google

Gagan S (jp) wrote: Great sequel! I really enjoyed it!

Lariste K (kr) wrote: Pointless, bloated film. Jackson lost his grip on dramatic conflict, characterization, emotion or even logical visual effects sequences years ago. A rich man, no doubt, but so's the guy that makes plastic bags for your supermarket and that's hardly a creative job.

Harbaksh S (de) wrote: 'If all the discarded parts were used to build another ship, which of the two, if either, is the real Ship of Theseus?'A gem. Purity of cinema. Simple. Breathtaking. Thought provoking. You won't feel like leaving the theatre after watching a film like this. Slow, yes. But beautiful, artistic. If you appreciate independent cinema, this one will make you stand up and clap! :) If you 'watch' the film and not just 'see' it, it will leave you with so many thoughts at the same time, you'd wish all stories were told this way!On the whole, one of the finest ways of storytelling I've seen come from Indian cinema!