This epic adventure-drama based on James Michener's best-selling novel concerns a young American embassy official who is sent into the Middle-Eastern desert to find the missing daughter of a US Senator. The young woman has left her husband, a Colonel in the Shadom - she was his number two wife - and has opted for the lifestyle of a nomadic tribe. When the diplomat locates the girl he joins the caravan and attempts to persuade the girl to return.

The story happens in 1948, in a fictional country, called Zakharstan (in the novel "Caravans" is probably Afghanistan). Mark Miller (Michael Sarazyn) is a young U.S. Embassy employee who is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Caravans torrent reviews

Georgia C (de) wrote: A wonderful movie about human rights

Matthew J (jp) wrote: 'The Hidden' is an intelligent sci-fi thriller which combines humor and horror.

Tionne B (jp) wrote: It was ok I guess the 4 stars really is for the hot guy in it Micheal Lombardi HOT!!!

David B (fr) wrote: Enjoyable musical drama. When her husband dies Mrs Henderson buys the Windmill Theatre and with the help of a Producer start to produce nude shows. Beautifully put together with a great cast including Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins who alas passed away this year.

Tim S (au) wrote: Just noticed that this film is in the comedy genre on Flixter. It is indeed a joke. If this film depicts 'true' masculinity, then something is very, very wrong. I hated the message that this film gives.

Gabriella P (nl) wrote: Haha, he's so hot in this movie :) Please don't cut of the hair :3

Nate A (au) wrote: Takeshi Kitano is such an odd filmmaker. Most of his films have a very basic premise, but within these simplified stories he's allowed to be as strange and creative as he wants.This is a gangster film, but the majority of the film does not feature anything you'd typically find in a gangster film. The bulk of the film features the main characters hiding out and entertaining themselves with various games and distractions. But it's in these games that you see a lot revealed about these characters, much more, in fact, than you'd find in shootings, stakeouts, or other typical gangland fare. Kitano has this playful lyricism to his films that I don't think exists in any other filmmakers work. It's not for everyone, but I find it very charming and refreshing.

Alirea S (kr) wrote: I still can't get it why the destiny of this beautiful musical was like what it went.

Jim H (au) wrote: There's no doubt that Bill Murray has had an unbelievable career of funny moments, yet this" the one that truly put him on the cinematic map - may be his finest hour. While the directing and writing career of Harold Ramis was still in the novice stage at this time, he was still smart enough and aware of Murray's talent to realize what the success of this movie truly was going to be: let Bill be Bill. Ramos is the perfect Abbott to Murray's Costello, and the performances of people like John Larroquette, Sean Young, and P.J. Soles, do an amazing job of filling in whatever holes there are in the script. Of course, no mention of this film is complete without talking about the scene stealing performances of John Candy and Warren Oates.

Michael R (it) wrote: Nothing short of remarkable, Jaws is just as compelling today as it was when it was first introduced to the world in 1975. Masterfully paced and well acted under the guidance of Steven Spielberg, Jaws is quite simply a perfect motion picture.

Rachel S (fr) wrote: I liked this =] Surprised are you? I like old movies :D

Michael R (au) wrote: A Brilliant comedic and poignant film.....Don't miss servant Hattie McDaniel at the hilarious and disatrous dinner party.....Made 4 years before her Oscar winning performance in GONE WITH THE WIND.

Andy D (us) wrote: 4 stars. A good horror film.

Luc L (de) wrote: Extremely boring film.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: It has a good concept that could benefit a remake.