Card Subject to Change

Card Subject to Change

CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE: PRO WRESTLING'S UNDERGROUND takes you deep inside the underground world of professional wrestling. This compelling film follows several wrestlers as they make their way through the local VFW halls, high school gyms and Elks' lodges grinding it out on the independent circuit where the payouts can range from $5 - $20 per match. Some do it for the love of the sport, others desperate to make it big; it is both heart-pounding and heart-wrenching. Tim Disbrow makes his directorial debut as he documents the circuit's legends, including: Kevin Sullivan, Michael "Trent Acid" Verdi, Rhett Titus, Sabu, Kamala and Necro Butcher, who also made an appearance in the critically-acclaimed film, The Wrestler.

CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE: PRO WRESTLING'S UNDERGROUND takes you deep inside the underground world of professional wrestling. This compelling film follows several wrestlers as they make their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John C (gb) wrote: A cult classic with two very reliable lead roles and a flair for child-like optimism hidden in the cracks of its deliberately anarchic structure. At its worst, it's a good netflix find.

Dave C (jp) wrote: There is nothing flashy about Heaven is for Real (the performances and pacing are predictably choppy and undisciplined), but as a faith based film (for whatever that means to you) Heaven is for Real does get a few things right. First, it embraces it's low budget approach in a way that breathes a bit humility in to the project as a whole. This was just my perception, but I felt director Wallace wanted to take what was a familiar story and tell it well in his own way. Second, the film is not presented as an evangelical pursuit. In fact, the central question is rather intriguing as Wallace uses the story of Colton and family to take an introspective look at the struggle of faith. What would it do to us if we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Heaven was for real? Would we be afraid? This question is intriguing because of the ways it juxtapositions faith and doubt as equal parts of the journey. Where Wallace takes us is in to the character of Colton's father (Todd), the pastor who is supposed to be the one who doesn't struggle with doubt. And yet it is Colton's story that brings him on this journey, not towards this undeniable proof, but rather this gentle embrace of faith in the midst of doubt. Third, while the film is low budget, it uses the cinematography to make up for it's lesser parts. Interestingly enough the shots bring to life our own Manitoba setting, namely in Selkirk and the surrounding area. And they really do make this setting come alive. Most movie goers will likely note that the film is not the strongest piece of work. But I think once you get past whatever grievances you have of faith based films, I think Heaven For Real presents itself as one of the better efforts.

Evanna M (ca) wrote: very funny but alot of cursing

Jacob B (jp) wrote: While not exactly a timeless classic, Paulie is still a pleasing enough family movie thanks to its talented actors (including Jay Mohr as the voice of the titular character) and enough humour and drama to compensate for its uneven narratives.

PJ P (it) wrote: Don't get to see many Indian films considering how many are made. This is off-the-wall - Phoolan Devi's story suspiciously innocent of any wrong-doing on her part. Real life end of Devi was even more dramatic. Still, suspend disbelief and 'go babe - get the bastards'.

Brian P (de) wrote: Funnny!! loved to be there!! \m/

David H (ag) wrote: This is Ed Wood's best Movie A great Gangster Noir in the Style of the Early 40's with that New Face Scheme (Was it the first One with that Scheme?) B-Noir at High Class

Mick T (mx) wrote: Entertaining, though is more flawed than the first one.

Mandela W (gb) wrote: I have over the last few years become a fan of sophie turner. She is not only one of the most beautiful red heads I've seen in years she is also an growing talent that is gonna be a major a list star as she gets older. She has the potential to evolve and be as big as her X-Men Apocalypse co star Jennifer Lawrence. She did well in that film despite it being bad and has blown up form game of thrones so imagine my disappointment to find out she has had a project that actually was a piece of garbage. Another Me had only one thing going for it, A psychological thriller in a british setting with british actors, don't often see that. However it still ended up being a dreadful viewing experience. Turner plays Fay a young 16 year old girl who lands a part in her schools play which is Macbeth. At home Fay lives with her father who is handicapped and her mother who has been cheating on him. Fay herself has her own issues that make her very different from the other students. Fay one day begins to experience occurences in which people claim to have seen her in places she has not ever been. she also feels an unnerving presence in certain places. This all throughout the film begins to slowly drive her mad. Another me is simply a piss pour effort at trying to make a good psychological thriller in britian. The film did actually have a score that was really beautiful and well orchestrated. Really good low key lighting as well at times. The flaws of this film were very evident. There was no need for narration in this film it would have improved it greatly. sophie turner manages to get across the fact this kid she plays is a bit messed up from her home life situation but she doesn't really get across much else to make us care for her character all she's really saying is "im a messed up child save me." This is the first project of hers that I actually didn't like she doesn't seem to fit the horror genre she needs projects with substance, naturality for her not this generic garbage. its unfortunate but turner is also working with a badly written script and dialogue. I didn't understand the point of her cutting her hair, the reason for her mothers affair nothing really connected together.This seemed like a waste of time for jonathan rhys Meyers an accomplished actor and rhys ifans. This is movie and their roles in this story are honestly beneath them. They were repeating the same thing in almost every scene. the editing was kinda weird didn't look fluid. the directing was very very bad. too much was going on the story gets lost many times in here. There was even a fight scene that was badly choregraphed. the scenes on the beach were the only decent ones of the film Another Me is another horrendous thriller that needs to be flushed down a toilet. stay the hell away from this.

Karrald G (gb) wrote: Simply AMAZING!! This movie makes me want to go into circus training!!

Michelle W (it) wrote: So moved by the performances in this film and the struggles of each character, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Katie L (ca) wrote: Before seeing this, I did not think a war movie with some comedy thrown in would be that great. However I thought it worked well in this movie.

Oscar D (de) wrote: Rock solid thriller with Don Cheadle playing a convincing lead

jack w (br) wrote: working together since the godfather they work together seamlessly as brothers. not my favorite but ittle do