Cardboard Boxer

Cardboard Boxer

A homeless man is recruited by a bunch of rich kids to fight other impoverished people.

A homeless man on skid row finds himself the subject of privileged teens who use their wealth to have the homeless fight each other. Stuck in a violent world he doesn't fully understand, he finds solace when he discovers the discarded diary of a troubled young girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy S (ca) wrote: Love this movie. Great family movie that is really acceptable for younger kids. Sandler gets ripped for how far his comedies have dropped, but he does a good job blending his humor with family friendly movies now.

Art S (mx) wrote: J. Hoberman used the word "lysergic" in his review and that's pretty apt because the Tindersticks soundtrack, used sparingly, does provide a hazy druggy sheen to parts of the movie. Isabelle Huppert is determined to ignore the trouble that is all around her as the colonial era comes to a decided end in her part of Africa. Claire Denis's film unblinkingly covers the terrain: both rebels and the military armed and dangerous along with child soldiers seemingly in their own militia and perhaps much more dangerous. The social and psychological effects of white settlement (and ownership -- Huppert runs a coffee plantation) in Africa are the focus -- the unnamed country is divided by their feelings toward the outsiders (even those born there). Denis, also born and raised in Africa, provides impressions, images, something of a story, to show the legacy of (French) involvement and exploitation. Shot in Cameroon, this is a beautiful horrifying and unresolved film.

Kaung S (mx) wrote: Ratatouille is one the Disney-Pixar's heartwarmingly charming film with its interesting characters in a beautiful story. Top-notch Paris-y animated atmosphere and score is what makes the moviegoers love Ratatouille, a delicious animation meal.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Confused, tired, disappointed, left hanging, that is how I feel about 21 Grams. Another feeling I had was a headache from trying to figure out all the supposed hidden meanings, and the closing monologue. The back-and-forth-in-time scene sequence didn't work for me. I don't necessarily believe movies should be linear (two of my favourite movies are Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, and they are not linear in their scene sequence), but 21 Grams overdoes the non-linearity. I kept feeling like I was cheating, as if I was skipping forward in the movie. A linear storytelling would have worked a lot better, and made me feel more surprised when the story took a twist.There were too many loose ends in the movie (I won't mention them, to avoid spoiling the movie for others). I just felt like I was left hanging.I couldn't grasp the implication of the 21 grams concept, even though I thought I understood the idea before the movie started. I left the movie feeling confused, and quite bitter, as I felt ripped off as the supposed deeper meaning was fairly lame or unfathomable, and the movie fairly pretentious.

pave m (gb) wrote: want to watch more movies by zis director :D

Matt A (es) wrote: DISCLAIMER: I have been a Prince fan since I was five, and my rating reflects this. Under the Cherry Moon is a silly, lighthearted love story that showcases Prince's overlooked sense of humor. As an objective film viewer, it's no more than a three-star film at best, but as a near lifelong Prince fan, it's my favorite of his films.

Shafkat C (es) wrote: A dark plot but yet very entertaining!!

John R (it) wrote: Stylish and deadly. Time has diminished the shock value but the terror of helplessness remains. Risible 1970s ending.

Eric R (mx) wrote: This is really the type of film that lives and dies with it's lead performance. Luckily, George Segal gives a great subtle, yet extravagant performance as a heroin addict Jay Jay. He's really a well developed character whose off-kilter antics and carefree disposition are just so endearing. Actually, I am really surprised that George Segal's performance in this film hasn't received more accolades. Born to Win is a pitch black comedy and the 1970s New York setting is just perfect. The filthy, grime and grain which is associated with many of the films taking place during period in New York is intact and I just love this setting. It's a black comedy that has a lot of great comedic moments from George Segal running around in a laides night gown, to a sequence where he tries to get chummy with a drug dealer by talking about the benefits of vidal sasson. The ending has a rather suprising amount of dramatic weight to it as well.

Tara H (au) wrote: The latter of Hayworth's two films with Astaire is more cohesive than the first, with great comic support from Adolphe Menjou.

Panayiota K (nl) wrote: The ugly and fat characters are not that fat ugly and fat but i like the premise of the movie and the chemistry between the couple.

Logan M (fr) wrote: The sharpest stop motion animated film ever made.

Cecilie D (br) wrote: Interesting glimpse into the world of political campaigning. I was charmed by the characters, but I wish the documentarists had better access to more of the strategic discussions, and that there would be facts in a strip in the bottom of the screen, e.g. with names of people. I recognized some, which was fun, but there were a good deal of people I didn't recognize.

josiah s (ag) wrote: this is a classic haunted house movie about one of the seven dreaded gate ways to hell in todays generation they would never make a movie as gruesomely gory as they did back then.

Arash B (jp) wrote: I liked this movie,It has its funny moments, Billy Bob Thornton is good and so is Sean William Scott with his hilarious facial expressions, Amy Poehler is annoying sometimes