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Cardiofitness torrent reviews

Owen B (kr) wrote: Genuine and refreshingly unfiltered.

Alejandro C (nl) wrote: Una autentica basura. Podria haber sido por lo menos divertida, pero ni eso

Breonna C (kr) wrote: so not great just started and have to pay

Countess N (kr) wrote: So bad i forgot it and started watching it again.

Dustin B (nl) wrote: With open expectations, it's a great movie.

Duncan C (ru) wrote: It gets downright soapy at times but the performances pull it through.

Jesse O (jp) wrote: Well this movie certaily was confusing. The first line is spoken almost 7 minutes into the movie. I thought that was nice but if this movie wasn't so confusing I didn't even know what I was watching. It probably must have been cause my famliy members were around and they were talking so I rarely payed attention to this movie. Even if I had payed my full attention to the movie I probably wouldn't have understood any of it. It's still a decent movie with some nice shooting. I like how the guns shooting sounded cause the guns sounded like they would if it were the 1930's. It's a small little detail, but I liked it. Other than the gun sounds, nothing much was that interesting out of this movie. It's a shame it had the potential to be great. It certainly isn't the worst Asian movie I've seen, you should see Tokyo Psycho (absolutely terrible). Just watch this movie if you like nice visuals and nice sounds. Other than that you won't miss anything if you don't watch this movie.

Janine R (br) wrote: Becoming a real Paul Bettany fan!

Steven M (fr) wrote: Slightly better acting and location for the story. But without the guy from the previous films, it just wasn't as creepy. Still love the concept though.

Matt M (de) wrote: Sequel to the 1998 Murphy vehicle, this time the doctor is to find a mating partner for a bear. Even less funny than the first.

Matt N (ag) wrote: I despised almost every character in this movie!Indeed I remember a real life counterpart of almost all of them from my own school days!So I think it's fair to say the movie did what it set out to do uncannily well!

Matthew C (de) wrote: When Earth is in danger from a giant Asteroid, a driller named Harry Stamper is brought on to drill a hole into the Asteroid so they can put a nuke in it to destroy it. Armageddon is a fun film with stunning visual effects and memorable performances, but the film is overbloated with drama and is very unintelligent.

Frit M (br) wrote: I liked the landscape... so serene... and uh... Sophie Marceau... need i say more?

Ty N (us) wrote: It seems that in most movies involving single parents, the mother is the single parent. American Heart gives us a different view on single parented America involving a father, a reckless one at that.

Derek D (gb) wrote: could have been good but really wasnt good at all

Jerry W (ag) wrote: I started out looking for this movie when I first fell in love with the theme that was the title song "It happened in Sun Valley". Eventually I found a combination audio CD that had both "It happened in Sun Valley" and "Orchestra Wives". The CD was entertaining for a while until one day I caught part of the movie on television and had to have a copy of it. Well, now I have the DVD, and it was well worth the effort. I am very much a fan of the sweet ballads of the late 30's and early 40's, and it's a pleasure to see Glenn Miller's band perform "Moonlight Serenade" and then hearing those smooth vocals by Lynn Bari. I heard a minor garble ( for about 1/2 second ) on the audio during one speaking scene, but no problems with the music. At 62, I'm a romantic and sentimental old guy, and it was a treat to see the sleigh ride sequences, the playful downhill skiing scenes, and just generally live in that imaginary world of my childhood while I enjoyed the romance.

jeff m (fr) wrote: Wow. Must see. Incredible that anyone could ever been so completely ignorant to someone because of the color of skin.

Felix C (ag) wrote: loved it as a fan, just wished she had been an FBI person not a lawyer my only complaint...thank you fans