Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie

Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie

Care Power On! Join Funshine, Share, Cheer and the whole Care Power Team as they organize the annual Giving Festival in this adorable tale!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Care Power On! Join Funshine, Share, Cheer and the whole Care Power Team as they organize the annual Giving Festival in this adorable tale! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie torrent reviews

Jesse O (jp) wrote: Decent comedy, but one that is definitely very inconsistent. It has its really funny moments, that I'll get into later, but the film really is a hit and miss affair. The film tells the story of Mark, believing he's dying of breast cancer, hires this young cameraman Bryan, who could very well be his son as well, in order to film these series of video for his unborn son on, you guessed it, how to be a man. Hence the very clever title. Not really, but I digress. The series of videos start off innocuously enough, with Mark trying to teach his son how to stand up for himself and how to fight against bullies, etc. Things eventually start unraveling out of control as Mark comes to the realization that either he dies shortly after his son is born, or that he won't have time to achieve his dreams once his son IS born because he'll have so many responsibilities that he won't have time to achieve his dreams. Basically, in his own mind, his life is over regardless. So the video series devolves into amoral behavior disguised as an instructional video on how to be a man. Mark starts self-destructing and harming those around him with his behavior. Mark sees this as his last time to live life to the fullest before he dies...either literally or figuratively. So while the film certainly focuses on Mark's and Bryan's friendship and how Mark, inadvertently, through his videos, teaches Bryan how to be a man, it's much more about Mark's journey through self-destruction. So the film definitely goes to some dark places. Problem is that that the acting is solid but unspectacular and I don't think Gavin McInnes has the chops to truly pull off the more "serious" stuff. And I say put serious in quotation marks because the film is a comedy through and through, it's just that Mark's self-destructive behavior is certainly darker in tone than the rest of the film and I don't think Gavin can truly capture that desperation that his character feels. Another issue is the comedy, it's certainly very raunchy but it doesn't really feel organic or natural. It just sort of feels forced in there. There's times when the raunchiness does work. For example the first scene with Mark and Margot talking about how she could be having an affair and not Mark wouldn't even know since she's already pregnant. To avoid spoiling the scene, as it's one of the funniest in the film, they say some pretty raunchy shit but it feels really organic and like two people actually talking and having a conversation about a very fucked up subject. It wouldn't surprise me if that scene was improvised. There's also the big scene in the film, which is where Mark teaches Bryan how to perform cunnilingus. This is a pretty long scene and while it's certainly funny in parts, it feels really drawn out. Like it was just there to pad the length of the film. Again, it's funny but it took way too long to get to the point. The climax of the film, which sees Mark apologize to his wife for everything that he did and her reaction to it was actually really funny. Those are the three I can recall off the top of my head. The rest of the film just really tries way too hard to be raunchy and it doesn't really work most of the time. But this isn't really a bad film, it's certainly an easy watch as it's only 85 minutes long. It can feel a little long for 85 minutes, but it's not so bad. Decent cast, good idea, but so-so execution.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: In its transition to the big screen, the long-running HBO series gives birth to an endless and uneven movie, and while the TV stories of these four women living for sex and fashion in the Big Apple could be appealing, here the characters seem only shallow, stupid and vulgar.

Bannan i (kr) wrote: A-bloody-mazing. I need this book, the story is as intriguing as it is compelling and it is told in a really beautiful manner. To be honest, I'm kinda sad most of you have picked this as a 'not interested'. I guess it's not for everyone. [review TBC].

ken j (jp) wrote: When a woman is assaulted by a group of men working a construction site it ends very badly for the man as one by one they start to be killed off by a masked killer with a nailgun but of course the killer just cant stop there as they begin to kill other people along the way. Not alot redeems this movie and is more funny then anything which explains the stars and also has a high body count which is always worth watching in these kinda movies

Lisa J (us) wrote: It started off as a good, funny 80's movie, and then the last half turned into a movie about a boat race. It seemed like two different movies.

Peter P (es) wrote: Interesting story, ok acting, but it seems very uneven and the ending was a little unsettling.

Jaya P (ca) wrote: Love and bourgeoisie! What a classic film for Valentine's Day

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