Careful, He Might Hear You

Careful, He Might Hear You

Abandoned by his father after his mother dies, young PS lives in suburban Sydney with his aunt Lila and her husband George. While they lead a modest existence, PS is happy with them. However, his contentment is derailed when Lila's wealthy sister, Vanessa, returns from England and takes an interest in PS.

Family jealousies. His mother dead, PS lives in Sydney with working-class Aunt Lily and Uncle George. When he's six or eight, his posh Aunt Vanessa descends from England. Named a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chuck P (it) wrote: Cute, but formula and ending expected.

Amber L (us) wrote: Very good and true to life!

Mike C (it) wrote: I generally respect a guy who stars and directs something he writes. Such is the case with this. Though I guess Mars Martin is a bit of a real pool player, maybe he should leave pool movies to the professionals. Though not a complete failure, it fails a bit short of its obvious predecessor, The Color of Money. That flick featured the talent of Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, and was directed by Scorcese. And it was quite a bit more engaging.A lot of the pool play was less than convincing. Even less convincing was much of the dialogue, delivered as though read. I always hate when I call tell a scene is scripted. That's precisely the point of acting. Still, a couple nice hustles in there, and Johnny, though a douchebag of sorts, is kinda cool.

fei l (br) wrote: excellent and interesting. thanks.

Hunter W (gb) wrote: The rest of the film may not be able to maintain what the first 25 minutes furiously establish, but Saving Private Ryan makes for some of the most realistic, and brutally honest portrayals of war ever seen on screen.

Ceph J (ru) wrote: The trailer says "The Detective" is based on a bestseller and my question is "really?" It's a movie that hasn't aged well though it provides Frank Sinatra with a solid role as a moral cop. I hated the depiction of the 3 gay characters as a murderer, bitch, and psycho/retard. Lee Remick as Sinatra's wife is given a thankless role as a nympho. The other female character (Jacqueline Bisset wearing a ridiculous wig) shows up at the halfway mark and is just a plot device. It appears to be a straight man's movie with gays and women as lesser citizens. The scene of Klugman's wife going back and forth from the kitchen to the living room while demanding the cops eat bagels made me cringe. Besides Sinatra, the only other notable character is the psychiatrist played by Lloyd Bochner but he's given just two scenes. Jack Klugman is fine as Sinatra's buddy but Robert Duvall overacts as the homophobic cop. Watching this movie actually made me happy that I wasn't an adult in the 60s because the characters and situations seem so retro. It's actually a movie that could be remade because "The Detective" does face some moral issues about seeking justice despite what others may think.

Maryelle D (mx) wrote: Une c (C)l (C)bration de l'enfance et un grand, grand bol d'air. En sortant du film, comme les enfants dedans, j' (C)tais moi aussi prte pour les grandes vacances.

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: John Wayne investigates the mysterious goings on in relation to a mine-shaft, a ghost and a land-grant. It's basically a live action version of Scooby-Doo. While that is likely a turn off to most, I found this to be quite fun and enduring. While the Duke availed himself to shades of American Gothic and Bronte like Romance (THE SEARCHERS and THE QUIET MAN); it's the closest John Wayne ever got to being in a horror movie. It's certainly fun to see him in a "Weird Western" or a "Spook-Show Western". As this was not a thriving genre but substantial one and ever present through the decades with movies like MYSTERY RANCH, THE WHITE BUFFALO, TRACK OF THE CAT and RIDERS OF THE WHISTLING SKULL/ PINES.John Mason (John Wayne) along his horse, Duke, and side kick Clarence Brown (Blue Washington) team up with the daughter (Sheila Terry) of a deceased land mine owner to find out who the Phantom is. It's as simple as that. This defines the Dime Store Plot. Actually a lot of the 1930s westerns have some sort of Masked Villain or a Grand Architect of Crime (by small town standards) with pseudonyms and aliases, with names like The Hawk, The Shadow, Matt the Mute etc. In this case, it's the Phantom.The movie has what you want, hidden chambers, a cemetery, a spooky house with spooky servants. The atmosphere is a bit dry but not far removed from the likes of THE BAT or THE OLD DARK HOUSE. We even have a cartoon bat!It's also fun to see the Duke, as in John Wayne's horse, doing the Lassie shtick. The horse really is a character and is even second billed, not an uncommon practice back then.One aspect that can be difficult is the John Wayne's co-star Blue Washington. He part is played for laughs some of it just downright racist. Generally, I try not re-act strongly to these things but it does have to be noted. It can offend people. At least, his character actually helps solve the mystery, not unlike the "gay" secretary from DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON. The actor, Blue Washington, spent years in bit parts from the Silent Days into the early 1960s with THE HUSTLER. He can be seen in a variety of movies from John Ford, and in the series of Charlie Chan and Tarzan. At least in HAUNTED GOLD he has a big part.A remake of Ken Maynard' silent western THE PHANTOM CITY; Yes, that is Ken Maynard in the wide shots.

Narayanan A (de) wrote: 90% - The Lion King is a classic due to its beautiful animation and great characters that stand the test of time.