Prepare to get tangled in the jungles of Belize when an arms smuggler loses her partner in a deadly shootout and finds herself on the run in the tropics of Central America. Helen is an amateur, making her money as an illegal arms trader to Central American terrorists. And as she runs for her life after the deal goes bad, she has no choice but to trusts Jeff, a British Intelligence Agent - it's a life and death chase, where passion and loyalty are easily confused...

Prepare to get tangled in the jungles of Belize when an arms smuggler loses her partner in a deadly shootout and finds herself on the run in the tropics of Central America. Helen is an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Caribe torrent reviews

Kara F (jp) wrote: A pretty bad movie but Al Pacino's performance is riveting, making it worth having as background noise while surfing the Internet

Anna L (jp) wrote: Not great but it's still good.

Eliabeth S (us) wrote: Built nicely so that you really wanted to know how things worked out. Showed how ignorant paranoia can damage lives

Jorge O (kr) wrote: Great film, not Kuno's best performance though. Had somewhat romance,comedy, & culture.

BRUNO V (mx) wrote: De Niro great again , just okee story ...but nothing special 2de watch , an extra half star ...

Alex D (us) wrote: no rogers and hammerstein for me, thank you

Lucky R (gb) wrote: Rusian is not bad... like villain or other movie we watched.. Nice Touch

Scott P (jp) wrote: By no means a good movie and it should not be taken seriously as such. At some points serious and at some points hilarious, Zombi 3 doesn't really make up its mind what kind of horror movie it wants to be. However, the massive flaws and inconsistency of the film are actually what made it so surprisingly enjoyable. In a "so bad, it's good" kind of way. Fulci got sick during production and another director took over, yet Fulci is the one who gets all the credit cause his name sold. Unfortunately, by Fulci standards, this one is pretty damn awful and probably one of his worst efforts. By B-Movie schlock standards, this movie is a fun ride and will provide a lot of laughs. Just forget that Fulci made it or know going in that he disowned the film.

Onur U (us) wrote: Ich liebe diesen Film und meine kleinen Nichten ebenso. Familien Film der alten gewohnten Manier. Solche gibt es heutzutage nicht mehr. Sehr guad gemoacht.

Angela E (br) wrote: CULT CLASSIC! Love this film ??????

Ills G (br) wrote: Satyricon was Fellini tenth film in that time when he was the most acknowledged director in the European cinema. And it was his first when he little showed interest for the legatee storytelling but his visual genius glittered in his full splendor. The brilliant cinematographer, Giuseppe Rotunno (The Leopard) and Fellini made one of the most beautiful color film ever. The settings, lights and color with the sets and costumes creates an astonishing atmosphere. But the most important part of Satyricon are the strange, grotesque, frightening but sometimes beautiful faces and bodies. Just a few films (The Passion of Joan of Arc, The Gospel According to Matthew, The Name of the Rose) can be resembled in the human face representation. The most beautiful scene is the suicide of the roman patrician. The worst thing is the horrible post-synchronization. Strange, that Nino Rota wrote a beautiful main theme for Satyricon, but it never heard in the movie.

Max S (nl) wrote: One of if not the most disturbing films I've ever seen. The actor who plays Manson does it with such a real passion and it is terrifying. If you ever wanted to know more about the manson family murders here is your chance.

Steven C (ca) wrote: i love all laurel and hardy films but this one is my favourite

Keith E (au) wrote: Quite simply a masterpiece and the most sublime silent movie I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Two young boys realize their father is not perfect and react angrily but hilariously. The child actors are nothing less than perfect themselves. I am so happy I have so much Ozu in front of me.

Kelsey K (mx) wrote: This film is pretty underrated. It is a very good family film that is about a daughter and father finding Geese and raising them as their own.

Madison M (fr) wrote: Not sickly brilliant, sickly bloody and vomit-worthy. SCREW YOU, JIGSAW!

Gav R (nl) wrote: Jeff bridges is outstanding, shame the script and support is EastEnders meets corro

Victoria R (jp) wrote: I thought it was great