A single mom and her child are carjacked by a bank robber who has no intention of letting them go.

The film tells story about a single mom badgered by an bad ex-husband. It is difficult for her to raise her 8-year-old son. One day She and her son are carjacked by a fugitive bank robber so she decides to fight against crime and protects her son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carjacked torrent reviews

Geoff J (mx) wrote: Dreadful carbon copy of the Blair Witch Project.

Craig R (au) wrote: Fast paced and bloody gore all the way. The darker side of the relationship between psychopath and his captive could have been explored more yet the director decided to get in some more gore! Enjoyable slasher film.

John A (mx) wrote: This Film Is Certainly A Slasher Movie, But Has Great Character Development, Which Hero Or Villain Shows How A Monster Is Made. The Film Fails On Terms Of It's Week Plot & Somewhat Weak Acting. With A Few More Tweaks This Could Be A Great Movie. But This Is One Which Does Not Fail To Entertain, & Is Probably One Of The Best Slasher's To Come From Recent Years.

Alexander P (ru) wrote: An excellent insight into the expressions of the Dalai Lama.

Jonathan C (jp) wrote: Boring, uninteresting, leading me to fall asleep...literally. So much star power, but ultimately a dud.

Valria V (fr) wrote: I love movies with horses, is visually beautiful, even if the plot is slow.

Graeme H (us) wrote: A film of very low interesting proportions as I recall; I may find a reason to see it again to be sure of that.

Margot M (jp) wrote: I loved it!! I also enjoyed beautiful creatures so if fantasy and witchcraft are not your thing, don't bother!


Jennifer K (us) wrote: I really want to see this movie.

Rasha K (kr) wrote: I happen to love this movie and I think that anyone who grew up making up stupid lyrics and songs would too. The marketing tanked it.

Greg W (it) wrote: good bio-pic part one MGM bought the story of edison and split his life into 2 pics this and the spencer tracey pic