Carl Barron: Whatever Comes Next

Carl Barron: Whatever Comes Next

Features over an hour of his award-winning show plus special behind-the-scenes footage taking you on a journey you will never forget

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Carl Barron: Whatever Comes Next torrent reviews

Richard Y (jp) wrote: Not as hopeless as the critics here gave it, does have some fine performances by Charlie Heaton.

Toby J (mx) wrote: Hilarious performance from Bill Murray as always, even though it's bizarre to watch Groundhog Day then next see him in this. A great debut from Lieberher (Oliver), a really well played role considering his age. Good to see McCarthy play a serious character for once too! Great watch.

Jacob K (de) wrote: In a troubled future an estranged duelist realizes there is only one thing that has caused the utter destruction of his world, duel monsters so he travels through time collecting the most powerful monsters to destroy the game that has created a lifetime of memory.

Colleen C (us) wrote: I couldn't pass up a title like that. The documentary itself is endearing and funny and doesn't take itself too seriously. However, it didn't grab me (I actually turned this one off and came back to it days later, which I never do with a movie I'm truly interested in). That said, the clips of the actual girlfriends are a well thought out addition, and the ending was well chosen and genuinely sweet.

Private U (us) wrote: This documentary film portrays Fidel Castro not as a dictator but as a human being who happens to be a dictator. Some of Castro's answers are humourous and quite amusing. Grade: B

Roman L (it) wrote: Nice imagery, and very original works of art. Great setting, and interesting scenes about the process of creation of his art. That part I liked a lot. However, I will probably differ in my opinion from those with whom I watched the movie. I did not like his monologues and philosophical thoughts. I got an impression that his views of the world are those of a 5-year old kid.

Nick I (de) wrote: It's very funny and weird but the acting was terrible but thought it was very funny with lovable characters all throughout the movie

Kyle M (au) wrote: There's an obvious aura at the beginning and the unfolding towards the outcome turns intriguing even though the tonal shifts are sort of disruptive to the process. But what drives the film is the excellent performances from Stallone, De Niro and Liotta, and some dynamics they each bring out. (B)(Full review coming soon)

ScubaSteve Walter M (ag) wrote: Probably the most notable comedy ever made for a gangster film. Simple plots turned to a clever comedy. And Travolta is such a badass doing a villain part.

Mike D (us) wrote: EooS is a carefully crafted visual rendition of the novel of the same name by J.G. Ballard. It is meticulously detailed in its reconstruction of period attire, facilities, and aircraft. Malkovich and Bale, and Havers turn in excellent performances. I am a bit surprised by the "professional" critics' reactions; if there is a complaint about character development or plot they might refer to the novel (which the FILM critics seem not to have read). On the other hand, Ballard's NOVEL, like the film, is substantially allegorical, and possibly beyond the comprehension of your average professional film critic; after all, professional critics are people who are so unimaginative and underinformed that they basically can't create anything on their own.