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Carlo! torrent reviews

Kat C (kr) wrote: cute nice famliy movie

Ryan M (mx) wrote: Less a movie about surfing and more about a father son relationship and self discovery.

Prashast S (ag) wrote: Loved this film very much! Badrinath is one of the finest films that come from South India. Watch it!

Andrew S (de) wrote: movie sucked terrible with thev story line and actors in this should of been better

Giorgos T (us) wrote: A bizarre, yet very entertaining film.

Jon F (us) wrote: unique documentary concerning the death of a man who was fucked by a horse

Kara H (it) wrote: A couple of funny seconds based on phony stereotypes and then it was over. Thank god.

Bella (it) wrote: it was bril!!!! OMG JOE!!!!!!! *DIES* Danny Nucci is just plain hot anyway.....i love his smile, his eyes....EVERTHING!!!!!!!

Heather M (kr) wrote: Aside from the intense over acting and the 20 year old special effects this movie is amazing. It is gory, twisted, and disturbingly dark.