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Carlos torrent reviews

Rabeea (ca) wrote: Can't believe how stupid it was. I was expecting too much.

Carleigh M (kr) wrote: It was pretty good. But gross:P

Dimitri S (ca) wrote: A find it just a good movie.Story is simple.Just one thing a find very good maked, it's the very big snake at the end of the movie that was very good.But for the rest a just good movie, nothing more.

Juan Andres C (br) wrote: The people that says this movie is bad is because they don't know about salsa music and they don't understand this movie, people belive that if it is a Latin American movie or something related is bad but is not this is a movie Latin Americans really enjoy

Ale G (jp) wrote: completely waste of time

3568 C (fr) wrote: Has the feel of one of those 80's/90's "don't judge a book by its cover" films that comes off too close to an after-school-special to be enjoyable.

Kostas T (us) wrote: "ESWTERIKES YPOTHESEIS" ta mustika sou einai to oplo tou!!!!!!

Rob B (it) wrote: Another shockingly bad film.

Tsubaki S (ag) wrote: Tatsuya Nakadai in one of his most impressive performances in this nihilistic samurai film were doom indeed seems to be the only option for Ryonosuke, and everyone around him.

Dan G (es) wrote: For a shoestring-budget zombie movie, it's really not that bad. If you expect something along the lines of 28 Days Later, you'll be disappointed. The writing isn't up to that level, and neither is the acting. But the cast and crew clearly made a good effort, and if you like zombie movies and just want something light to enjoy for an hour and a half, you could do a lot worse!

I am A (us) wrote: not a horror...but very trippy....

Cana G (fr) wrote: Entirely uncomfortable watching at first. Annette Benning is hard to watch but obviously acts brilliantly in this role! A heart wrenching story of adoption for three women. As always, it is always the child that suffers. Over all I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jordi T (fr) wrote: Inclasificable segunda pelicula del gran David Cronenberg...Por ser breve... mutaciones,apendices corporales sedientos de sangre, canibalismo, litros de espuma de rabiosos...Puro Cronenberg...Si a uno le gusta claro, porque lo cierto es que la peli no es nada agradable de ver

chandu a (br) wrote: After watching this movie, I could not immediately remember any other roles played by the legend De Niro. For me De Niro was Jake LaMotta for quite some time even after the movie ended. I simply cannot think of any other movie written, directed and acted with such intensity. This movie is pure emotion.