Carlos Against the World

Carlos Against the World


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Carlos Against the World torrent reviews

Carol R (es) wrote: ????????? don't know what to say not sure on this one!!

Kenny L (br) wrote: exceptional finest!....

Christina H (nl) wrote: Watched: 31 Oct 2014

laura (it) wrote: Excellent Doc! Loved it!

AD V (gb) wrote: Robert Burke is brilliant as the monster as is his makeup; Sarah Polley plays against him very nicely; director/composer Hal Hartley's score is a masterpiece; the rest of the film however is a frustrating mess of worthless subplots and underused castmates all rolled up into a lackluster film with a (anti)climax that most will feel cheated by.

Ali B (jp) wrote: Ah... pretty amazing. Eric Idle = love! in this movie.

Sarah P (br) wrote: I enjoy the British accents, but that's about it in this movie!!

John S (de) wrote: This Mutual short is another one of Chaplin's "formula shorts." The formula in this film being: The Tramp + A Roller Rink = Laughter. Much laughter. Charlie plays a waiter who loves to roller skate, and (big surprise here, just warning you so you don't get too startled) manages to get into some mischief with his boss and some skaters at the rink. The Rink is one damn funny film. The first third of the film isn't as funny, but as soon as Charlie steps onto the roller rink, prepare a coffin. Because you will die of laughter. The story is also actually quite amusing and concludes in a rather hilarious explosion of silliness. It's not one of Charlie's funniest, but witnessing his largely impressive and humorous skating skills is well well worth worth it it.

Zach M (fr) wrote: For a Barbie animated movie geared for children, it wasn't that bad of a movie.Barbie and a friend get sucked into the ballet world and actually interact in those worlds.The ballet dancing is enjoyable and the kid loved it start to finish.

Claire T (br) wrote: Ok movie, I enjoyed this movie, a little bit weird, this film stars Dominic Brunt who plays Paddy in Emmerdale and it also stars Jo Hartley and James Doherty, it was a crap movie, I hated it