Carlos Mencia: New Territory

Carlos Mencia: New Territory

Carlos Mencia's 2011 Comedy Special

Carlos Mencia is back with his extended and uncensored full-length special, New Territory. This is Carlos like you've never seen him before, but he still gives you the bold opinions and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carlos Mencia: New Territory torrent reviews

Amy H (ag) wrote: The style of Stephen Fung's production is always childish and amine! Action is present in the movie, but they're all fake moves and the story isn't that appealing and dialogue is stupid. Not really missing much if you do not watch this.

Sam B (kr) wrote: Intimidating as it inspires, Page One pushes cameras into one of the highest-pressure environments around and captures a few human moments in the midst of empire-cleaving times. As he explores the prognosis for the Gray Lady, Andrew Rossi also lends light to lives led in pursuit of larger issues, and he illuminates just how frantic days are within the halls and heads of those responsible for the paper of record. Best of all, we're allowed to be entertained by journalists who otherwise appear only in text that has been scraped and stapled by an institution until its fit to print. More than the documentary's macro plunge into the fate of print media, it is these nicks and knacks of picking up Twitter and trying to break through to clarity in reporting that defines Page One as an inside scoop.

Geo M (gb) wrote: Official ~Producer(TM) of this movie right here. Official loser ever so dumbly being convinced ~you are guaranteed a return on this one sir(TM). Hollywood accounting, an evil nemesis named Celine, a buzz word here a tagline there, a forever altered and changed view on ~Hollywood(TM) (the crew surrounding this movie especially) that(TM)s how I(TM)ll remember this disaster-piece (maybe the other 2 people in the 350 seat Theatre had a better review)

Ally S (kr) wrote: great movie actually peed myself during it

George B (it) wrote: The idea is interesting but the way they went about making this made the story very unbelievable and corny.

Jesse E (ru) wrote: Funny if you don't mind feeling offended now and then! Just laugh.

Niki L (ru) wrote: Anything with Thora in it is worth the time to watch

Married One Year Today (br) wrote: i loved this movie i love bette and i think she was great in this

Laura E (ca) wrote: for what it is its good. bruce is delicious.

Mikel K (mx) wrote: Another terrific bored-bourgeoisie-thriller from the master! Chabrol keeps the plot thin and focusses instead on the character development of the central trio of husband, wife and her lover. It strikes me, that in this period, Chabrol seems to be exploring the vices of bored bourgeoisie, like in Les Biches, whether those vices are infidelity, lesbianism, or even (as here) murder; each of those vices are interchangeable with one another and simply allow the French middle class distraction. Fantastic stuff!

Asterios K (gb) wrote: Interesting, surreal and funny plot, lovely interludes and great music!