How many working class Balmain boys grow up to be showgirls? Not just any showgirl but a household name, a legend of Kings Cross, a daytime TV star, and a symbol of generational change.

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Based on the extraordinary life of the iconic Les Girls headliner and Australian transgender pioneer, Jessica Marais, stars as Carlotta. A universal story about identity, family, tolerance ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen R (de) wrote: an artsy well directed fan loving tribute to the legendary Madchester Brit band of 90s fame who were also legendary for record company woes, break ups and disappearing.Equally legendary Brit filmmakers Shane (This is England) Meadows made this well crafted loving lively doc a few years ago when the Roses surprises fans and journalists with a reunion If you dont know the Stone Roses nor Shane Meadows you should stop whining about how all things suck and fix that as Meadows had made a bunch of TV mostly and movie stuff, esp around his terrific This is England series, and the Roses are one of the best Brit bands, esp since the English Invasion of the 60s and in spite of the catchiness of a few Oasis tunes and a few one hit Blur type wonders, musically the Roses always struck me as way better, and nicer and more poetic, than that other stuff...Waterfall and Love Spreads are as melodic and beautiful pop tunes now as they were in the 90sAnyway, as with the likes of Scorsese when he teams up with the likes of the Band and the Stones and George Harrison and Demme wih Talking Heads, this linking artistically of a great filmmaker with terrific musicians leads to good things. Not a perfect movie, and a bit meandering, it is nonetheless engaging and filled with an array of stock footage from the original era, the reunion and moreAlso, i could complain about having a hard time with some of the accents, esp those Manchester boys, but that would be my fault...Bravo

Ben H (nl) wrote: Mark Hartley, director of 'Not Quite Hollywood', presents us with a companion piece written, edited and presented almost the exact same way as his outstanding Aussie doco. As with NQH, he delves into B-grade exploitation, focusing the Pilipino industry during the late 60's, 70's and 80's. The countries pioneers of the extremely low budget drive-in efforts are showcased nicely, but ultimately it focuses from when Roger Corman's New World Pictures got involved early on. Interviews with Corman, directors such as Joe Dante & John Landis as well as healthy contributions from several actors involved including Sid Haig are insightful and fun. If NQH exposed the many Aussie B-grade that defined our industry, the entertaining comments and vast amount of clips from these Pilipino films in Maidens is a revelation. Ultra B-grade to the point of making the films showcased in NQH seem almost high brow, classic exploitation films such as 'Island of Blood', 'The Big Doll House' and 'TNT Jackson' are revealed as being a major part of the drive-in "genre" with Corman assessing that getting involved, he "could make a bigger film with less money". The significance of these films being made and set amongst the jungles of the country prove integral. Indeed during the 1972 takeover by Ferdinand Marcos, when a strict martial law/curfew was enforced (whom himself still granted full use of the military on the sets), the relevance is even more interesting. Starting with the gore filled efforts of the pre-Corman involvement, it moves on to showcase such stars as the amazing Pam Grier and Gloria Hendry and give great insight into the feelings of many of the female casts about these films. The "women in prison" genre after all, proved to be a major focus until, after the Marcos domination in 1972, action and war took over. Points of note also include how the emergence of black exploitation, not set in the United States was quite pivotal with films such as 'Savage' and 'TNT Jackson'. A brief feature on a quite unique James Bond type midget star, Wang Wang, a distinctive section on 'Apocalypse Now' and the demise of the exploitation film are explored by the end. Boobs, Gore and Stunts in equal amounts are featured quite heavily throughout of course much like the director's first feature. A well put together effort as you'd expect from Hartley, that while I only saw the cut down hour long TV version it is ultimately a fitting side piece to NQH. Perhaps it will make a nice Blu-ray extra on that film, but certainly if you enjoyed the former, it's worth checking out for more the same, with merely a different setting and a totally set of new talking heads. I look forward to teh full length verion soon!

Yenyen D (es) wrote: Swoons at Aaron Johnson.

Stan W (ca) wrote: Brutally authentic, stylistically directed and extremely thought provoking. City of Life and Death holds no punches in providing a realistic take on the Nanking Massacre.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Interesting, with mountains of potential, but ultimately disappointing. The movie was set up to be something very profound, but then drifted and failed to make a point. Still has enough coherent good ideas to be half-decent, but things could have been a whole lot better. The plot is where this lives and dies, and it is pretty convoluted. Kind of reminds me of Benjamin Button meets Inception, if directed by David Lynch (not that it is, it is just weird enough to be a David Lynch movie). The complexity turns out to be its downfall, as you get the feeling the writer had nowhere to go eventually. The script is too clever for its own good.Director Francis Ford Coppola must bear much of the blame, as he wrote the screenplay (adapted from Mircea Eliade's book), as well as directed the movie. Direction is good, but is hampered by the plot.Tim Roth puts in a solid performance in the lead role. Lesser-known Alexandra Maria Lara is good, and very beautiful, as the love interest.

Raghu D (de) wrote: The ultimate weapon is the human mind

David C (au) wrote: It's hard to believe this doesn't have higher ratings. It picks right up where the original left off and has a neat ending! Most sequels aren't great but this one is.

James R (ca) wrote: Thank God for my parents showing me some of the greatest movies of all time so that I wouldn't think crap like American Pie is as good as comedy gets.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: A wonderfully imaginative film with Noir Overtones about street kids in bombed-out London--'Calling all boys.'!!

Matt C (kr) wrote: This is really terrific, made in 1942 it`s shameless propaganda as the evil Jerries try to take over a quiet English village disguised as British soldiers (they even shoot the Reverend!). Their motives, apart from being part of the pending invasion are left unexplained but what you're left with is a plucky classic British war movie and it`s fantastic even if it is intentionally jingoistic. Incredibly brutal and honest for its time though.

Caleb C (au) wrote: Posting a 5 star review only to offset imbeciles that gave it ~ 3 stars. The writing in character development are superb to say the least. Any Rotten Tomato "Top reviewer" that gave it a rotten score obviously wasn't paying attention to or is incapable of grasping nuance.

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: This is a very low-budget 80s sci-fi flick that I absolutely love. Most people would dismiss it (with good reason), but I loved it as a kid and still enjoyed it as an adult. Admittedly, most of my enjoyment of this film is based on nothing more than nostalgia.